Intermediate Boards Result ‘17 take the Pakistani colleges by storm

The Intermediate results relieve the anxiety of students and surprise academic institutions.

September 14, 2011


You must be partly relieved now since you got your Intermediate results yesterday. If nothing else, at least now you know where you stand. Most of you sacrificed a lot each day to be ranked among the top students. You put up with epithets like nerd and introvert, distanced yourself from friends and boycotted social gatherings. Those amongst you, who are extra hard on themselves, even locked themselves in the study room as the exams approached.

Yesterday started out in the same manner for all of you. You were overpowered by a wave of anxiety. You passed the time before the revelation of result in a confused state, alternating between murmuring fervent prayers and debating if it is too late for prayers.

From there, each of you experienced a myriad of differing emotions. Some were unsatisfied with their outstanding result while others seemed content with even a mediocre one. The halls rang with a potpourri of sounds. Hushed sobs are overpowered by jubilant voices.

Any result day is monumental for students since it sets the pace for their ensuing career. After their matriculation results, students start their college journey with a renewed vigour. Those who pass the Intermediate with flying colours secure their spot in Pakistan's top medical and engineering universities. Bright youngsters who honour their colleges by bagging the title of “toppers” speak in hindsight of relentless hard work, not of chance or of undeserved privileges.

Talented students of PGC. PHOTO: PGC Talented students of PGC. PHOTO: PGC

The largest educational network, Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC), has nailed 148 top positions in Intermediate boards across Pakistan. Additionally, PGC students also secured six overall top positions in different Intermediate boards. To top it all, PCG students bagged three overall top ranks in Lahore board. High achievers of Punjab Group of Colleges have a presence across other boards as well.

Lahore Board                           24 Top Positions (3 Overall Top Positions)

Gujranwala Board                 24 Top Positions

Faisalabad Board                  12 Top Positions

Bahawalpur Board               14 Top Positions

DG Khan Board                        3 Top Positions

Sahiwal Board                        16 Top Positions

Multan Board                         13 Top Positions

Sargodha Board                    13 Top Positions

Faisalabad Board                 12 Top Positions

Rawalpindi Board                16 Top Positions

AJ & K                                          5 Top Positions

Federal Board                         8 Top Positions

These results have put PCG in a class of its own. It has the highest number of students in the best educational and professional institutes of Pakistan. This portrays that PGC is not only increasing the literacy rate of Pakistan but is also playing a pivotal role in building the nation’s human capital. It believes in empowering individuals to explore their potential, their aspirations and the world at large.






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