After Hours: Sana Javed

We talk about her character Mehrunisa, from her upcoming debut movie Mehrunisa V Lub You

Amna Khan June 25, 2017

Known for her pretty face and simple demeanour on the small screen, Sana Javed is finally taking the next big step of her career. We talk about her character Mehrunisa, from her upcoming debut movie Mehrunisa V Lub You and what audiences can expect from this rom-com!

What attracted you to the script of Mehrunisa V Lub U?

The producer of the movie, Yasir Nawaz called me out of nowhere one day and asked me if I wanted to do the movie, but I wasn’t sure at that point. After a few days, his wife Nida Yasir called me and persuaded me to say yes to the movie and character. I heard the script and thought the content is very strong and since it’s a rom-com, I found it very entertaining as well.

In what way, if any, are you similar to your character in the movie?

My personality is the complete opposite of Mehrunisa’s but it’s still very close to my heart since she’s so lovable, simple and considerate as a person.

What can audiences expect from the much-awaited movie?

It’s all about what they say…entertainment, entertainment, entertainment! People will enjoy this movie because it has everything from dance and action to romance and drama.

Tell us something interesting or memorable that happened during the shooting of the film?

The scenes we shot in the snow up north are very memorable for me. I remember it being -8 degrees celsius and I was given saris to wear in the snow, which was both tough and memorable. I also fell once in the snow and the crew made a BTS video out of it!

A fun fact or an interesting thing about you that no one knows

That I’m a tomboy!

Do you have any upcoming projects in the near future?

Hopefully another movie venture!

If you could play any character in any movie, which one would it be?

Deepika Padukone’s character in the movie Cocktail.


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