Daily grind: Sofia Bilgrami

Published: April 30, 2017

The devoted wife, mother, painter and designer behind the children and teens couture label, Sofetskiya, breaks down her day for us. Find out how this hardworking, young entrepreneur juggles her day!


My children wake me up either by tapping my face or by peeling open my eyelids! We come out into our kitchen where we have breakfast together. Breakfast is eggs, toast, and apple and banana porridge along with parathas with malai. There is always coffee for me! The three of us shower and change.


I do an hour of home schooling with my children, after which we practice yoga and do some stretches. Then it’s time for two or three stories, sensory activities, free play and music!


It’s gym time! I have the most accommodating personal trainer who comes home and does strength training with me. He even holds my daughter if she’s getting cranky while I’m in between sets.


Out to the workshop it is! This time is usually spent compiling the week’s incoming orders. It involves a lot of paintwork and carpentry. My children have the benefit of being close by and my son loves to make his own little creations while he sees me work.


Lunchtime! My children and I all eat together. It’s really important to me to know what they’re eating and for our routine to remain consistent. Even if by the end of it all, the three of us are covered in food!


Back to the workshop. Everything I do is handmade which really does take a lot of focused time. I usually come here in the evening to write receipts and dispatch orders to clients.


It’s dinner time and bedtime (for the children). We talk about our day and all the fun things we created. Since the children don’t nap during the day they’re pretty tired by this time. We all go in for a shower as we tend to get messy at the workshop — all covered in dirt and wood shavings. It’s really more fun than it sounds — believe me! My husband and I both put the children to bed by 6pm.


I wrap up things in the workshop and chalk out the next days’ plan of action. I usually then go onto responding to all inquiries, slot in orders for the upcoming week and schedule important meetings.


Now I spend time with my husband. We cook meals together and talk about our plans and our dreams. We’re a really ambitious couple who work in two completely different fields so there’s always a lot to talk about.


I make my son his ‘in case of emergency’ milk bottle and put it by our bed, yes I co-sleep with two babies under the age of three! I then message my parents or my brother to touch base and tell them any news. I miss them so much because they live so far away. Then I brush my teeth and squeeze myself in between two little babies who I love more than anything in the world!


I’m dreaming…and feeding my nine-month-old baby while dreaming.

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