Personal experiences: Chaos of colours

Curator says show is essentially a blast of colours for art lovers

MARIAM SHAFQAT November 22, 2016
Curator says show is essentially a blast of colours for art lovers. PHOTOS: EXPRESS

LAHORE: ‘Colour me with Chaos’, featuring works of three artists Sheraz Aziz, Mawra Khokar and Razaur Rehman is underway at the Paint Bucket Art Gallery.

The exhibition is essentially a blast of colours for all the art lovers, said the gallery’s curator Anum Lasharie.

The three artists have used their own choice of mediums to present their work, including miniature, oil on canvas and digital print on pure silk.

Anum said their approach to colour and their intelligent use of pattern is what sets them apart from the rest. “What results from this is an electric collection of artwork that pays tribute to their personal experiences, their identity and the chaos around,” she added.

Artist Raza took his inspiration from a person’s desire to find solace and truth by going beyond the ordinary life styles. “At the ordinary level, life is meant to be lead in this materialistic world. However, there are time when due to many known and unknown reasons, one has to go astray; by treading paths of mysterious destinations,” he explained.

Raza has tried to explore the concepts of being on anxiety, search for the truth and limitations of space and time. Elaborating his concept further, he said that the inexplicable journeys we tend to take often become a quest in pursuit of finding the ultimate truth, which finally stands as the only solution of all our problems and pains. “The imprisonment of time and space always causes restlessness and anxiety to grope the original thought or the concept that may lead us close to that truth,” he added.

According to Raza, the thought process is so complicated that the layers emerge in colours for an artist, sound notes for a musician and kinesics for a performer.

Sheraz’s work is inspired by his perception and belief that art isn’t one dimensional, rather it has been a way of life for him. “We are all trying to find art in different ways, I have been lucky enough to find the soul in everything i do,” he said. Sheraz explained his work as something which personifies his actions or personality but rather a moment in time captured through art.

“I am an artist, a musician, an actor and an avid finder of the unknown. You have just come into contact with a single moment to inspire you,” he said.

“My work is a direct reference of how i see things around me,” she said.

Discussing her judgment of and imagination of things as wildly distorted, Mawra said for her noses look like samosas and aunties in sarees are candies packed in fancy wrappers.

The 16 pieces by three artists will remain available at the gallery till November 28.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 23rd, 2016.


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