Afridi bamboozles Kenya as Pakistan romp to big win

Pakistan beat Kenya by 205 runs. Shahid Afridi takes 5 wickets.

Reuters/hassan Asif/Atika Rehman February 23, 2011
Afridi bamboozles Kenya as Pakistan romp to big win

HAMBANTOTA: Shahid Afridi took his maiden five-wicket World Cup haul as Pakistan crushed sloppy Kenya by 205 runs in a one-sided Group A match played on Wednesday.

In reply to Pakistan's total of 317-7, Kenya were bundled out for 112 in 33.1 overs.

The Kenyan batsmen had no answer to captain Afridi's tantalising leg-spinners as he ended up with figures of five for 16 off eight overs.

Pakistan, with a little help from a massive extras total, got their batting into top gear to reach a big score.

Akmal brothers Kamran and Umar, Younus Khan and Misbah-ul-Haq all made contrasting half-centuries after Pakistan had got off to an unsteady beginning, stuttering to 12-2.

Thomas Odoyo was the most successful bowler for the Africans with figures of three for 41 but he was also responsible for sending down 20 of the 37 wides bowled by Kenya out of a huge total of 46 extras.

End of live updates.

8:31 pm

Umar Gul bowls out Ngoche with a reverse swinging delivery. That's the match. Kenya all out for 112. Pakistan win by 205 runs!

8:30 pm

Kenya 112/9 at the end of 33 overs. Shem Ngoche and Elijah Otieno are batting.

8:28 pm

Odhiambo is OUT. Afridi with another wicket.

The commentator is saying these are the best figures ever for a Pakistani in World Cup Cricket referring to Afridi's wicket. Wasim Akram had 5/28 in 2003.

8:24 pm

Afridi with another wicket. Ahmed Shahzad catches the ball hit by Obuya near the boundary. Kenya 112/8.

8:20 pm

Kenya 101/7 from 31 overs.

Odoyo is caught LBW by Afridi. OUT!

Misbahul Haq drops a catch on long-on. The ball kept low. Misbah rushed in and dived

Wasim Akram on for  commentary.

Good shot from Obuya for a four straight down the ground off Afridi's first delivery.


At the end of the 30th over, Kenya are 96/6.

Ramiz Raja comments about Hafeez, saying the wicket Hafeez took in his last over is his 50th in his career.

8:14 pm

Kenya need 231 more to win from 21 overs.

Afridi with another good delivery. Ball hits him Odoyo on the toe. Afridi asks for a review of the umpire's decision of not out. Decision is not reversed.

Thomas Odoyo in to bat.

8:09 pm

Afridi scores with another wicket. Kamande is out LBW! Kenya 87/6.

8:08 pm

Jimmy Kamande comes in to bat. Afridi starts his over.

Tweets on Afridi's second wicket:
shahrukhsultan shahrukhsultan Afridi's second wicket in #cwc2011 comes off hawk-eye review. More power to bowlers! #afridi #pakistan

Zobi_Khan Zobi Khan Haha Outtt..thank u Boom boom :D #PAKvsKEN #CWC2011 #CWC

8:05 pm

Rakep Patel is OUT. Umar Akmal takes the catch off Hafeez's delivery. Patel swept the ball but it hit the edge off the bat for an wasy catch for Akmal. Kenya 85/5.

Obuya hits a four off Hafeez's first ball in the over, sweeping the ball to the leg side. Obuya has scored 22 runs off 45 deliveries.

8:02 pm

Afridi ends the over with Keya 79/4, 27 overs bowled.

Rakep Patel comes into bat. Afridi follows with another quick delivery.

8:00 pm:

Shahid Afridi calls for a review of the umpire's decision of not out on his third delivery to Tammy Mishra. Decision reversed. OUT! Lbw.

7:58 pm

Kenya 79/3 at the end of 26 overs.

Maiden over from the right-arm offbreak bowler.

Mohammad Hafeez to bowl his first over, replacing Abdur Rehman.


Kenya are 79/3 at the end of 25 overs with Tanmay Mishra and Colins Obuya batting.

7:53 pm

75/3 at the end of 24 overs.

Twitter responds to Afridi’s wicket:
Zobi_Khan Zobi Khan Outtt..Thank u Boom Boom :) #PAKvsKEN #CWC2011 #CWC

ashakaur Asha Kaur  I think I fancy the enemy - SHAHID AFRIDI! #cwc2011 :-S

Zeeshan_Ahmed Syed Zeeshan Ahmed Yeah ! Lala gets Tikolo ! BOWLED ! #Cwc2011 #Fb


Kenya are 75/3 at the end of 23 overs, with 1 run and 1 wicket in the over.

Ramiz Raja is talking about how Shahid Afridi started off a start bowler right after Afridi bowls a quick delivery following the wicket.

7:48 pm

Steve Tikolo is bowled by Afiridi. Tikolo comes down the track to hit the ball but misses it. 73/3.

7:47 pm

Kenya are 74/2 at the end of 22 overs.

Obuya scores a boundary off Abdur Rehman's 4th delivery.

A total of Four runs scored off Afridi's second over.

7:42 pm

Kenya now require more than 8.50 runs an over at the end of the 20th over with the score at 62/2.

Abdur Rehman bowls another good over.


Afridi bowls a maiden over. Kenya 60/2 at the end of 19 overs.

Shahid Afridi to bowl the 19th over. He has a slip in place.


Kenya 60/2, 18 overs gone.

Another good over from the spinner. Abdur Rehman was close to getting a wicket on the third delivery of the over, beating Tikolo, with a quicker delivery.

Tweeters praise Umar Gul and miss Mohammad Amir:
Faria_Khan_ Faria Khan Umar Gul is such a wonderful bowler. #cwc2011

shahrukhsultan shahrukhsultan This is where #Pakistan will miss Mohammad Amir: taking early wickets #cwc2011

7:33 pm

At the end of the 17th over, Kenya are 58/2. 4 runs from the over. Kenya need 260 more to win from 33 overs.

Umar Gul gave away a free hit on the third delivery of the over after bowling a bouncer just outside off but Kenya are unable to take advantage of it as Gul bowls another short delivery.

Tweeter talking about the Sri Lankan crowd:
Balldinho Balldiñho™ Haha the Sri Lankan crowd is on Point... Group Choreography to house music is not as easy as they make it seem.... #wc11#Cwc2011 #Cricket

7:29 pm

Some tweets about the match as the drinks break ends:
stuplummer Stuart Plummer Run rate for Kenya already over 7.5. Ominous. #cwc2011

msarosh M.Sarosh Ebrahim Umer Gul almost gave me a scare i thought he twisted his ankle but thankfully its alright. #Cwc2011 #Pakistan

7:27 pm

New blog-post on the Pakistan-Kenya match: Watch out Kenya! We might let you win

7:26 pm

Another good over from Abdur Rehman with Kenya scoring 3 runs from it.  Kenya are 54/2 at the end of the 16th over.

7:22 pm:

The second powerplay has ended.

Wasim Akram is all praise for Gul, who is bowling a straight line and consistently bowling at around 140 kilometres per hour.

Kenya are 50/2 at the end of 15 overs. Just three runs from the over.

7:17 pm:

Abdur Rehman bowls a maiden over. Kenye 48/2 at the end of 14 overs.

7:16 pm

Kenye are 48/2 at the end of 13 overs.

Another good over from Gul. Kenya scored a luck boundary after Tikolo adged the ball and it went off for a four on to the fine-leg boundary.

Steve Tikolo comes in to bat for Kenya.


Umar Gul to Ouma, OUT. Ouma edges it from outside off, going for a front foot cut and caught by keeper Kamran Akmal.


Tweeters are divided on the review decision.
AshJ6 Ash J #CWC2011 oh darn the review system. #PakvsKen

jammabbas Muhammad Abbas It looked Plum #CWC2011


At the end of the twelfth over, Kenya are 42/1.

Maurice Ouma given out by umbire lbw but decision is reversed after a review.

Slow left-armer Abdur Rehman comes on to bowl.

7:04 pm

Commentator Ramiz Raja applauds the lightning-fast fielding of Umar Akmal and Ahmed Shehzad.

Umar Gul's over ends. Kenya are 39/1 at the end of the eleventh over.

Pakistan are using the their second powerplay.

Umar Gul to bowl the next over, replacing Shoaib Akhtar.

6: 58 pm

At the end of the first ten overs, Kenya have scored 37 runs for the loss of 1 wicket. Akhtar and Razzaq have bowled 5 over spells each.

6:55 pm

Seren Waters is run out! First wicket for Pakistan. Good work from Umar Akmal. Kenya at 37/1 in the tenth over.

On a side note, you can win yourself a Faysal Bank mug or tshirt by going to this page.

6:52 pm

Kenya is only able to score 1 run off Shoaib Akhtar's fifth over.

6:48 pm

At the end of the eighth over, the score is 36/0. Seren Waters scored a boundary off a Razzaq delivery.

Tribune reporter Fawad Hussain reports: the crowd is more vibrant as Pakistan defend their handsome total of 318 runs. The men in green are also enjoying cheers by the locals who are shouting slogans of Pakistan Zindabad

6:44 pm

Kenya are 31/0 at the end of the seventh over. Only three runs were scored off Shoaib Akhtar's over.

6:30 pm

Kenya are 20/0 in the fourth over. Here are some funny comments:

“He (Razzaq) just bowls and then he just stands there,” says Wasim Akram commenting on Abdur Razzaq’s laziness after the delivery.

"If there was a sweater of the year award, it would go to Shoaib Akhtar," says Alan Wilkins about Akhtar's perspiration while taking the run up. Possibly the funniest thing Wilkins has said today.

Kenya are 17/0 after the third over.

6:25 pm

The second innings has begun and Kenya are 8/0 in the second over.

Here are some tweets:
Zeeshan_Ahmed Syed Zeeshan Ahmed  Let's start some wickets frenzy :D #Cwc2011

Hafsa_Khawaja Hafsa Khawaja  - I want to see Junaid Khan play. He's cute too. #CWC2011

jspennington John Pennington  Good start from Kenya. Poor discipline afterwards giving Pakistan an easier ride than they expected. #cricket #cwc2011

Iffat_Ali Iffat Ali  #cwc2011 #Pakistan wait and see everyone....Kenya will be all out for under 100! InshaAllah :)

MOHAMMED_umar MOHAMMED Umar Khan  LOL RT @Zeeshan_Ahmed : Sohail Tanvir talking about abysmal bowling. "Look Who's Talking" #cwc2011 #Fb

Honhaar Honhaar Goonda  Seriously there should be home/away kit in cricket. Both Pakistan and Kenya are wearing same color kit. #cwc2011

6:15 pm

Tribune reporter Fawad Hussain tells us although the crowd in the stadium is pleased with the total, Pakistan supporters are disappointed as their star swashbuckling batsmen Afridi and Razzaq failed to show fireworks.

Hussain tells us Afridi's posters have been erected all over Colombo along with other cricket stars.

Tribune's sports editor Faras Ghani says Pakistan’s inability to rotate the strike at the start worried many but Kenya’s lack of direction, and an effective use of the powerplay (for a change), has left the minnows on the back-foot.

6:50 pm

First innings comes to an end as Pakistan make 317/7 in 50 overs. Can't wait for the bowlers to unleash their fury. This should be fun. Visit and click on scorecard to view the players' overall performances.

“I love Kenya and Kenyans,” said Afridi on Tuesday, when asked about his team’s opponents reports AFP.  I agree wholeheartedly, Kenya has given us 46 extras!

5:45 pm

300 for Pakistan! Congratulations, Team Green! It's been an entertaining first innings, especially Umar Akmal's performance. Tribune reporter Fawad Hussain tells us the crowd in the stadium has doubled  as the floodlights have come on.

5:35 pm

Afridi's out! LBW by  Odoyo. So much for that.

Umar Akmal caught out after a splendid innings. Pakistan are 289/6 in the 49th over.

Suyashtalks Suyash Bose  BOOM BOOM goes!! :( #CWC2011 #Cricket #wc11

afraaak Safa Afrak  Good power play for #Pakistan ! And gone well played #Umar.#cwc2011

MOHAMMED_umar MOHAMMED Umar Khan  This was Some Innings by Umar Akmal. A Mere Glimpse of the Genius he Is. Time For Some BANG BANG! #CWC2011

Farman21 Farman  oh noooo Akmal OUT ! #PAkistan vs. Kenya #cwc2011

5:25 pm

Misbahul Haq caught out at the boundary for 65. It's time for Boom Boom to show his magic. Like the commentor said "I love watching this man play,"

Afridi starts his innings with a four.

5: 20 pm

Umar Akmal is the fourth player to score a 50 today! So that's Younus, Kamran Akmal, Misbahul Haq and now Umar. Pakistan are 255/4 in the 46th over. Good going on the 100 run partnership, guys!

5:15 pm

Tribune reporter Fawad Hussain is at the stadium, and tells us that the lights have been switched on as sunset nears but its still very hot. Pakistan may have better conditions while defending the target. They are also expected to get some swing in the first few overs of second innings. Go, Team Green!

Pakistan are looking good, 234/4 in the 44th over.

Suyashtalks Suyash Bose   we want Boom Boom Afridi in the middle!! :( #CWC2011 #Cricket#wc11

After Shock  What a 4 by Misbah! Uff uff!! #CWC2011 #Pakistan vs Kenya

MOHAMMED_umar MOHAMMED Umar Khan  Oye Teri. That was a SIX! Whattay SHOT! #CWC2011

hameedullah Hameedullah Khan  RT @zahid_jadoo: 6th Pakistani to score 50 in his 1st world cup match #Pakistan #Kenya #icc #cwc2011 #odi #cricket #PakCricket#wc2011

5:00 pm

Misbah makes his 50! Please don't pull a Younus and get dismissed this over. The run rate is picking up, Pakistan are 213/3 in the 42nd over.

4:55 pm

Thousands of tickets went unsold for the Pakistan-Kenya clash at Mahinda Rajapakse stadium on Wednesday as cricket’s nomads launched their World Cup bid, AFP reports.

Pakistan’s famous fan Chacha (Uncle) Cricket Suif Abdul Jalil turned up but was disappointed with the lack of fans.

“I covered a long distance to come here but there are not many people to mix their voices with me while I chant slogans,” said Jalil, sponsored to attend all the Pakistan matches by a soft-drinks company.

“He (Afridi) is cute,” said Chitra Kumari, who hails from nearby Tangalle. “I expect a lot of family friends coming once the gates are open and the entry is made free.”

Pakistan are 203/4 in their 40th over. I'm hoping they take this to 300, if Akmal continues to play like this we may just make it.

4:45 pm

Pakistan are 186/4 at the end of the 37th over. "I've got the power" plays in the stadium as Akmal hits a four.

Here are some tweets:
atoholden ABC  Kenya v Pakistan - A spectacular game of cricket, in terms of kit clashing, as if one set of dark green kits wasn't enough...#cwc2011

iamfarrukh Farrukh Aziz  Can't believe KAkmal is doing well #cwc2011

Baggy_Bage Tom Bage  is that a towel or a dead seagull draped over the boundary rope? I can't tell #cricket #cwc2011

aishaindubai After Shock  We have pace, spin and such a batting line up! Commentators like the Pakistan side and think we can win the World Cup! #CWC2011Pak vs Kenya

tusharbangera Tushar Bangera

I'm loving the way #Kenya is fielding. Very quick! #CWC2011

the MRV  Kenya could surprise if their batting is world class #wc11 #cwc2011

4:30 pm

Umar Akmal comes to the crease. Younus Khan scored a 50, appeal for LBW reviewed by umpire, and decision given in favour of Kenya.

Pakistan are 155/4 in their 34th over. Wake up, Greens!

On a side note, very interesting Twitter conversation about Ramiz Raja and his luscious locks. Check it out here.
hassaan_a Hassaan Aslam  #ILoveRamizRaja because he's too cool to worry about a hairstyle

4:20 pm

Pakistan are 148/3 after the 30th over.

Tribune reporter Fawad Hussain tells us the Pakistan supporters are energetic in the stands, led by Chacha Cricket who is enthusiastically cheering for Pakistan. The match has drawn in a crowd of about 3,000 supporters mostly school children, reports Hussain.

Interesting fact: Hambantota will be the venue for the quarters, semis or final of the T20 World Cup next year, says Sri Lanka cricket chairman DS de Silva.

4:15 pm

Sports reporter for The Express Tribune Fawad Hussain is watching the match in Hambantota and tells us that surprisingly over 200 Pakistani spectators have turned up to watch the match considering the location of the venue. Hambantota is an over 6 hour hectic drive from Colombo.

Commentator Ramiz Raja says he will be disappointed if Pakistan doesn't score 260-270, and is happy that Misbahul Haq has been sent in. Pakistan are 135 for the loss of 3 wickets at in the 30th over.

4:05 pm

Fantastic boundary by Misbahul Haq! He needs to play a steady game and stay on for the next 10 overs. Pakistan are 119/3 after the 25th over.

Here are some celebratory tweets:
Neloversion Nelo  YESSS! ouma stumps kamran. And he's out. Pakistan loses another wicket #cwc2011

Rai_Azlan Rai M. Azlan Shahid  Misbah ul Haq is making his world cup debut at the age of 37#pakCricket #CWC2011

nimraarshad Nimra Arshad  Whattay shot! #Misbah #cwc2011

I B  Misbah will now have to block out 3 overs to make up for that free hit 6 ;) #cricket #cwc2011

MOHAMMED_umar MOHAMMED Umar Khan  WOW! That was Some Shot! Gigantic Hit! #CWC2011

4:00 pm

Kamran Akmal stumped by Ngoche, Pakistan's third wicket falls after 110 in the 25th over. Why is this match not picking up?

3:45 pm

Pakistan are snailing towards a century, 95 runs for the loss of two wickets at the end of the 22nd over. Wake up, Team Green! Where's the magic?

Tribune blogger Hashim Malik writes "Statistically speaking, Younus’ ODI average is around a modest 30 but at the R Premadasa stadium in Columbo, he averages more than 45 runs."

Here are some tweets:
atoholden ABC  Kenya v Pakistan - A spectacular game of cricket, in terms of kit clashing, as if one set of dark green kits wasn't enough...#cwc2011

iamfarrukh Farrukh Aziz  Can't believe KAkmal is doing well #cwc2011

Baggy_Bage Tom Bage  is that a towel or a dead seagull draped over the boundary rope? I can't tell #cricket #cwc2011

aishaindubai After Shock  We have pace, spin and such a batting line up! Commentators like the Pakistan side and think we can win the World Cup! #CWC2011Pak vs Kenya

3:30 pm

Pakistan are 68/2 at the end of the 17th over.

On a side note, in case you missed it check out this video of Bollywood bombshell Bipasha Basu gushing over former cricketer Imran Khan on a sports show.

Columnist Avirook Sen raises an interesting question in this regard: do modern cricketers have less fun?

3:15 pm

Match pauses, players break for drinks as Pakistan are 58/2 at the end of the 14th over.

Official commentator for the match Wasim Akram says the Pakistan batsmen may be suffering from "butterflies since it's their first game" while acknowledging that Kenya is inexperienced. Akram is hopeful that the game can change in the next 10 to 15 overs.

3:10 pm

Pakistan are 52 for the loss of two wickets in the 14th over.

This writer for The Indian Express says Afridi is a man with the most difficult job in the world:
Afridi has been around long enough to realise that the aftermath of an early exit will be disastrous for his team. He only has to think back to the last time the World Cup was held in the subcontinent.

And it only seems obvious when Afridi, looking his effusive self, says, “It’s difficult to be the captain in India and Pakistan. It’s difficult to handle. Situations are tough at times and you have to make sacrifices."

Seems to me like Afridi's job just got tougher. Like Zaheer Abbas wrote in his piece for The Express Tribune, "the opening bastmen must click"

2:50 pm

Keep the boundaries coming, boys! Pakistan are 40, 2 wickets down in their 10th over.

Here are some tweets:
madfox74 Richard Hill  All best off for a Kenyan victory#hardtotakepakistanseriouslyanymore #cwc2011

toonskins Dan Cook  The minnows fight back, Take 2. Go Kenya. Fingers crossed for a close game at least #cwc2011

mpkachhela Maulik Kachhela  Ken YA believe it?? #cwc2011

Neloversion Nelo  Pakistan loses ANOTHER WICKET #cwc2011

Fawad27 Fawad Ahmad  @KamranAbbasi Why must they do this every bloody time......#CWC2011

hassaan_a Hassaan Aslam  This is where Younis Khan shows why he's in the team. Akmals not in good form. Lot will depend on YK n Misbah today #CWC2011#Pakistan #CWC

aakash_sd Aakash Deshpande  Pakistan you are playing Otieno and Odoyo not McGrath and Gillespe just FYI #cwc2011

rootofall3vil rootofall3vil  Forget lottery for final tickets, give them to those who can sit through this Pak vs Ken match #cwc2011 #PakvKen

2:45 pm

Come on, Younus! Score some boundaries and kick this match into action. Pakistan are 16 runs, two wickets down after eight overs. The run rate needs to pick up.

2:35 pm

Ahmed Shehzad has been caught out by Kamande, Odoyo bowled the delivery. Pakistan are 12/2 in the seventh over. This is turning out to be a little scary. Younus Khan has come on to the field.

2:30 pm

Muhammad Hafeez has been caught out, delivery bowled by Elijah Otien. The umpire took a while to make the decision as it was unclear whether the ball touched the ground before Waters secured it. Pakistan have made 12 runs, one wicket down at the end of the sixth over.

Here are some tweets:
ScorpiusMaximus Ratnakar Sadasyula  What is Pakistan doing playing Test cricket against Kenya of all teams? #cwc2011.

jammabbas Muhammad Abbas  It was stunner. Great catch. #CWC2011

cwcscores ICC  Pakistan loses its first wicket, Hafeez caught brilliantly Waters, 11 for 1 after 5.3 overs #cwc2011

latzz2008 La Toya Baker  Come way, ump! Waters MADE that catch! What's the hold up..?! #CWC2011 Ken vs Pak

2:25 pm

The third over was a maiden, Pakistan are 6 for no loss. Ahmed Shehzad and Muhammad Hafeez are the opening batsmen. Test match anyone?

Here's an interesting bit of news:  Ricky Ponting, captain Australia, will be charged after allegedly damaging a television set in the dressing room following his dismissal during his side's victory over Zimbabwe, Reuters reports.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) told Reuters on Wednesday that it had received a report on the incident from the Indian Board after it was sent to them by the Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA) which oversees the sport in Ahmedabad where Monday's game took place.

A spokesman would only confirm: "Ricky Ponting is being charged ... there will be a charge."

He said the governing body were waiting for the Australian team to arrive in Nagpur later on Wednesday for their next match there against New Zealand to inform Ponting. "We need to talk to him ... because we don't know what he's going to say to it," the spokesman said.

2:15 pm

Pakistan are 6/0  after the second over.

On a separate note, banned Pakistan star Salman Butt on Wednesday said he had been cleared by the International Cricket Council to work as a World Cup pundit on a local television channel.
"I am delighted to make my debut as television commentator," Butt, the former Test captain, told AFP.

Here are some more tweets:

absolutiyer Arvind Iyer This tournament so far has been quite predictable #CWC

karansinghmagic karan singh Pakistan vs Kenya today! Upset on the cards? I dont think so!#circket #cwc #icc #paksitanvskenya

briafish brian fisher Well if Kenya cant fire, then go IRELAND !!#CWC #ICC. we love the associates

Daksh_CeNation Daksh Makin I want pakistan to loose! #CWC

srehabt Sheikh Rehab #cwc kenya vs Pakistan ! It would Be Wrong If Pakistan Boast About the Heroic Win,

2:00 pm

Both teams have walked onto the field and sung their respective anthems. BBC's weather forecast says it's a sunny day with maximum temperature reaching 30 degrees Celsius during the day.

Cricketing legend Wasim Akram says Pakistan is not under pressure. He writes for
Having never lost against Kenya, Pakistan have a 5-0 win-loss record against the Africans. However, this is the first time the two nations are meeting in a World Cup.

I have been continuously talking to Afridi and that is what makes me feel so close to the team. Afridi looks keen and even the boys are eager to perform. Hope they can put their act together. Go Pakistan, go!

1:45 pm

Pakistan wins the toss and skipper Shahid Afridi chooses to bat. Go Team Green!

Pakistan: Ahmad Shahzad, Asad Shafiq, Misbah-ul-Haq, Umar Akmal, Younus Khan,Abdur Rehman, Junaid Khan, Saeed Ajmal, Shoaib Akhtar, Umar Gul, Wahab Riaz,Abdul Razzaq, Mohammad Hafeez, Shahid Afridi, Kamran Akmal

Kenya: Alex Obanda, Rakep Patel, Seren Waters, Steve Tikolo, Tanmay Mishra, Elijah Otieno, James Ngoche, Nehemiah Odhiambo, Peter Ongondo, Shem Ngoche, Collins Obuya, Jimmy Kamande, Thomas Odoyo, David Obuya, Morris Ouma


Former Indian cricketer Javagal Srinath calls Pakistan his favourite in The Hindustan Times:
Focus on Pakistan
Pakistan will begin their campaign today, and there will be plenty of focus on the mercurial team. In my book, they are one of the strong favourites for the title.

Fast bowling is their strength, and with their ability to generate reverse swing, they could be more than handful in these conditions.

Pakistan also have a strong batting line-up. And that will make them a side, which will merit a careful watching throughout the World Cup.

Here's the Twitterati tweeting their cricket fever:
Marcelgerber1 Marcel Gerber  Boring cricket today! Kenya vs Pakistan! #CWC2011 cricket world cup 2011

Kav108 Kavita  Pakistan take on Kenya today! Can Kenya shock the cricket world like they did the last WC?? #cwc2011 #cricket

pakstruck PakStruck  Goooood Morning #Pakistan and #Twitter. Go Team Pakistan. Wish You Bestttttt. #CWC2011: Goooood Morning #Pakista...

Vina Bhabhani It will b interesting to c team put out by pakistan, considering the recent events. Anyhow im gona b cheering kenya for this match!#CWC

rahulpuri Rahul Puri The mercurial Pakistan start their campaign today. Kenya should be push overs. #CWC


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