Rape victim: 8-year-old’s family contest medical report findings

Published: February 7, 2011
The family suspect that the rapist paid off the doctors to falsify results.

The family suspect that the rapist paid off the doctors to falsify results.

DERA GHAZI KHAN: The medical report of an eight-year-old gang rape victim is being contested by the child’s family, who claim that doctor’s have been paid off by the rapist’s family to downplay the incident.

On Saturday, Kotla Sakhani resident Zia’s daughter Bushra Bibi* was kidnapped while she was playing outside. The family searched for the girl all day and implicated their neighbour Sohail and his friends of abducting the child. Later in the day, residents of the village found Bushra in a back alley where the child had been brutally assaulted and abandoned. Neighbour’s transported the child to the Sarwarwali DHQ Hospital and called her mother, Laila Bibi.

Doctors at the hospital initially confirmed that Bushra had been gang raped and the child is in critical condition. “We are waiting on medical reports but the child has been brutally assaulted and we are doing our best to save her,” said Dr Mubashar on Saturday evening.

Thana Draham police said that Sohail had been arrested along with two of his accomplices as one man had escaped the scene. Bushra’s family told reporters on Sunday that the rapist’s family had been pressurising the hospital staff to fabricate the medical report. “Sohail’s father has openly boasted that he will have his son freed from jail in two days,” said the girl’s uncle Zayed Khan, adding that the child was still unconscious. “They have been pressurizing the doctors to downplay the incident and not to implicate more than one person in the rape even though the doctors were initially sure that this was a gang rape,” he said.

Draham Police said that they already had Sohail in custody. “We can’t take any action against the men until the medical report is released,” said inspector Javed, adding that police had launched an investigation into the incident.

Meanwhile, Bushra is still in the hospital and her family has blamed the doctors and other hospital staff of backing the accused by making contrary claims in the medical report.

Police officials said that a case number 44/11 was registered in the Draham Police Station and that the girl had been sent to the Sarwar Wali basic health unit (BHU) for a second medical checkup. Police officials said that the family was contesting the medical report and that they were ordering a second report to confirm the findings. Zayed Khan said that the doctors and other hospital officials were backing Sohail and his accomplices because of their influence in the area. “They are trying to minimise the charges against him and make it look like she wasn’t raped,” he said.  Khan said that Sohail’s father had boasted to several people that he had given a lot of money and would be able to free all of his relatives.

The girl’s family also said that the police were confining the case to only one accused and were trying to protect the others implicated in the case.

“They are doing this because the child’s father is in Saudi Arabia and no one is here to pursue the case on her behalf,” said her mother Laila Bibi, adding that the police were trying to pressure them into dropping the charges.

The family has appealed to the chief minister and the chief justice of Pakistan to take notice of the incident.

When contacted, DPO Tassaduq Hayat Awan told reporters that he had taken stern notice of the incident. Awan said that he had ordered the Draham SHO to immediately arrest the accused. “The case will be pursued diligently and no one will be released without a full investigation,” the DPO said.

*The names of the victim and her family have been changed.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 7th, 2011.

Correction: February 7, 2011

Due to an error of omission, the note stating that the names of the victim and her family had been changed was missed out in the print edition. The note has been reinstated online.

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Reader Comments (5)

  • Bytes for all (B4A)
    Feb 7, 2011 - 12:05PM

    Dear Tribune, I wonder why you always disclose rape victims names and their places?? http://tribune.com.pk/story/104805/9-year-old-gang-raped-and-murdered/
    Please have some mercy on rape victims, they are more likely to be emotionally fragile and afflicted by post traumatic stress. Please do understand that publicly identified rape victims names have always been discredited, stigmatized, scandalized, mocked, scorned and even harrased. Revealing rape victims name is a humiliating violation that is likely to prolong their suffering and it might be discouraged them to report their cases to police or media, as we have witnessed in DHA rape case http://pakistanictpolicy.bytesforall.net/?q=node/819
    Media self censorship is a way to respect victim’s privacy rights and this is not at all contrary to the principle of right to information.Recommend

  • muhammad amjad bawany
    Feb 7, 2011 - 2:07PM

    well what do we expect!! we have maulvis over here who unashamedly justify marriages to 9 year old girls citing some religious precedent,in this process they make it normal in the minds of our people that it’s okay to have a physical relationship with underage girls.
    In any civilised society this atrocity would come under the title of paedophilia but sadly in our country there’s no concept of paedophilia.

    over here men have no shame or sense of wrongdoing in trying to have a physical relationship with 15,16 year old girls.we have 30,40 year old men demanding from their mothers that they want a 16,17 year old bride!!

    instead of blaming all our troubles on foreing,yahoodi or indian agents we should take a long,hard look at the depraved,perverted rituals & practices going on as acceptable behaviour in our own society.Recommend

  • imran
    Feb 7, 2011 - 2:14PM

    A public hanging of such culprits can arrest the situation. Way back during Ziaul Haq regime a child by the name of Pappu was killed and the killers were hanged in public at Lahore,its a recorded fact that for months there was no major crime committed in lahore.Recommend

  • Mohsin Khan
    Feb 7, 2011 - 11:08PM

    @muhammad amjad bawany:
    Do not blame your personal mental sickness on Maulvi’s. Fact is that sexual frustation is all over in all strata of society. I live in US and in this liberal society, you can find a very non religious people in their 40’s even 50’s looking for underage girls. Similary, Russia and eatren europe which have nothing to do with our maulvis but are biggest trade center for human trafficking for sex crimes. And how about Thailand and Cambodia? Are there maulvis from our country? Why they have problem of rape with underage girls? How about India? How about China? The problem is that rape and sexual crimes are universal problems and we are not alone suffering from it. Stop being a bigot.Recommend

  • Jordan
    Feb 9, 2011 - 8:15PM

    @Mohsin Khan:

    The difference is that in the places you have named, they would recognise this horrific crime as pedophilia and abuse of a minor, not ‘rape’. It’s an 8 year old childRecommend

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