Leonardo DiCaprio joins hands with Hindu nationalist group to ban beef

A vegan himself, DiCaprio is an influential figure in raising awareness about climate change and animal rights

Entertainment Desk June 26, 2016
A vegan himself, DiCaprio is an influential figure in raising awareness about climate change and animal rights. PHOTO: MOVIEPILOT

Leonardo Di Caprio's star power is being used by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the Hindu nationalist group to ban beef.

The Chief of RSS, Mohan Bhagwat is all set to take the campaign to an international platform by organising a massive rally in the UK with more than ten thousand Hindus attending, and the Wolf of Wall Street star is in full support.

Leo giving a speech at the United Nations against carbon emissions. PHOTO: DAILYMAIL

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While the RSS' step toward banning beef in India is driven by religious factors, DiCaprio's concern is towards animal rights and the environment.

The Great Gatsby star has become an influential figure in raising awareness about the climate change crisis.

Leo being vegan, has also produced a new cut of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, which features how animal agriculture is a fundamental cause of environmental damage.

Leo has raised his voice on global issues at large. PHOTO: MTV

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Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin group and David Attenbourough, a naturalist are also joining hands with the RSS and will be attending the anti-beef movement alongside Leo.

The rally will take place at the golden jubilee event on July 31.

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Marie | 4 years ago | Reply It's not just compassionate people who live on Earth that want the torture and slaughter of animals and the damage being done to the planet to stop.
Caroline | 4 years ago | Reply Given the level of racial tension in the UK right now I'm sure a load of Indians coming over saying beef should be banned will go down really well. Aside from that it is completely unrealistic and a waste of time. It would be better to campaign to ban factory farming and unsustainable farming methods including crop growing. Grass fed animals do not harm the environment they are necessary for biodiversity. Soy crops cause devastation of the environment and they aren't just grown for animal feed. Loads of vegan products are made with soy. We all need to look at what we are consuming even vegans. All processed products are bad. All large crop growth kills animals. Large scale food production of any kind needs to be stopped - we need to go back to eating natural foods bought from local suppliers. Ban beef? That is not going to happen.
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