10 reasons why red meat should definitely be a part of your diet

Red meat is so delicious that some people even eat it raw!

Moeen Zuberi June 10, 2010

Red meat is so delicious that some people even eat it raw. Yes, we’re talking about those juicy steaks, roast beef and everyone’s favourite burgers.

Over the years, red meat has acquired a bit of a bad reputation with many people saying that consuming it is unhealthy, especially not in larger quantities. While there is a risk attached to every meat out there, red or white, what we need to remember is to make sure that the meat we buy doesn’t smell bad, looks fresh and is red. If it’s not red, don’t buy it.

Here’s why red meat should definitely be a part of your diet:

1. Red meat is packed full of protein

Yes, this is a fact. Red meat contains high quality protein. In fact, the protein you acquire from red meat contains all the amino acids necessary to build and repair muscle tissue.

2. Red meat helps you recover from workouts faster and better

Red meat contains creatine which helps build bigger muscles and helps the body recover faster. For instance, vegan athletes need a longer rest period after working out because our bodies take longer to absorb plant based proteins.

3. The minerals and vitamins in meat aren’t easily replaceable

You cannot substitute the vitamins and essential minerals you get from red meat with anything else. Sure, you could use multivitamins but it won’t be as easily absorbed as it would from red meat.

4. Red meat has the essential nutrients you need for a healthy life style

Zinc, iron, selenium are all found in beef. Iron is a key component of oxygen delivery within our cells, selenium helps give your immune system a boost and zinc is crucial to our prostate health.

5. Red meat contains antioxidants

Carnosine, only found in red meat, is an anti-oxidant which provides protection from degenerative processes.

6. You would have to resort to taking medicines if you don’t eat red meat

Without red meat you wouldn’t be able to get you essential mineral and vitamins that you’d need. A lack of red meat protein is why many of us struggle with getting enough iron and minerals in our diets.

7. Without red meat everything would taste bland

Red meat contains Zinc which helps keep your palate sharp and satisfied. Without a good amount of zinc in your diet your sense of taste may decline. So, really speaking, you need red meat to taste the rest of your food.

8. Red meat has essential B vitamins

B vitamins are vital for your body to function. Lack of B vitamins can cause neurological disorders, heart problems, infertility and, in some cases, even cancer.

9. The fat in red meat is good for your heart

The fat in red meat has equal amounts of saturated and monounsaturated fat. The latter being the same heart friendly fat found in olive oil. Eating lean beef also improves cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease.

10. There are no proven benefits of avoiding red meat

Many people have claimed that red meat causes cancer, and leaving red meat improves your blood pressure. There is still no proven evidence that leaving meat is healthy.


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