Law must take its course in US diplomat case: FO spokesman

Statement comes after US Embassy sought release of official accused for gunning down two men in Lahore.

Reuters/express January 29, 2011


The government on Saturday said the legal process should be respected after the US embassy called for the immediate release of an American diplomat who was arrested after he killed two Pakistanis this week.

The American, identified by police as Raymond Davis, told a court on Friday he had acted in self-defence after fleeing what he said was a robbery attempt in Lahore on Thursday.

Davis has been remanded in police custody for six days for questioning.

"This matter is sub judice in a court of law and the legal process should be respected," a Pakistani foreign office spokesman said in a statement.

The US embassy said in a statement on Friday only that a staff member of the US Consulate General in Lahore was involved in an incident involving "loss of life".

In a statement on Saturday, the embassy identified him as a US diplomat who it said had been unlawfully detained by authorities in Lahore, where the shooting took place.

It said the diplomat acted in self-defence when confronted by two armed men and had every reason to believe they meant to harm him, and said arresting the diplomat was a violation of international norms and the Vienna Convention.

In his initial statement, Davis told police that he was chased by the two men soon after he withdrew money from a cash machine. The men approached him when he pulled over at a traffic signal and they pointed a gun at him.

Davis then fired at the men, a police official said.

On Friday, the US Ambassador Cameron Munter reportedly met Foreign Secretary Salman Basheer, requesting the federal government’s intervention in the case of the US official.

Speaking to the media yesterday (Friday), Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah had said that Davis will not be given VIP protocol and will be sent to jail after interrogation. He said that no one was above the law and that the Punjab government was taking action under its legislation.


aleem pervaiz | 10 years ago | Reply Countries like Pakistan and India are still not in a position to resist the pressure of an INTERNATIONAL WADERA. Almost a decade ago, when a Russian plane dropped weapons in indian state of Assam, the plane with crew was confiscated. But in just a few days when Russians build pressure the crew including aeroplane was permitted to leave India. The notable aspect of this incident is that India was facing a strong movement of insurgency in Assam in those days so supply of weapons to Assami's was violation of international. The charge was extremely serious that the Russians were supplying weapons to the Assami insurgents. But no action was taken against then although they were neither diplomats nor they made any such claim like Davis but they were liberated. No doubt Davis and his friends who reached on the crime site after phone call committed a henoius crime but even than Davis will be released. In spite of high claims of U S Administration regarding human rights, practical reality is totally different. American after second world war replaced UK and France and are pursuing their old rotten policies based on exploitation. Althought the era of colonialsm has gone but through UNO and its allied agencies they are contolling the world order through intimidation and where feel necessary, tame the under-developed nations through internationa financial institutions. To be very soon in spite of high claims of pakistan's ferderal and provincial governments Davis will rejoin his family in US.
Chris | 10 years ago | Reply It has been established that he did not enter Pakistan on a Diplomatic Visa. Secondly the "self defence" seems quite weak as the two alleged "robbers" were shot in their backs. Also the death of a third passer by who got ran over by the Raymond's back up car has not led not to any arrests of that driver who took immunity in the US consulate. RAYMOND shot the victims , got out of the car and photographed their bodies. He was found with unlicensed ammunition galore. Raymond's name is not confirmed by US embassy ( although they did say he is their employee!!!) Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!....his identity is being deliberately hidden. People like Haris who commented above should note that raymond perhaps wasnt exactly out there to buy masala fish in Mozang chowngi...!!
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