It runs In the family: Saqib Malik and Adnan Malik

Director Saqib Malik and actor Adnan Malik share their favourite memories of each other

May 01, 2016

Director Saqib Malik and actor Adnan Malik are mega-talented brothers, working in the same industry. They share their favourite memories of stealing candy, running with cheetahs, and being there for each other when things get rough

What’s your first memory of each other?

Saqib: One of my earliest memories is of Adnan learning to sit up. I was asked to take care of him one evening. Normally he would just roll over but that afternoon, he just balanced himself and sat up. I was thrilled.

Adnan: Saqib is 13 years older than me, so when I was five, he left for college abroad. My first vivid memory of him is when he came back for the summer from college. He had long hair in a ponytail, a beard, and was wearing black. He created a late-night commotion in the house and I was like, “who is this guy?”

What is the craziest thing you have done together?

Saqib: I was a teenager when he was born so we haven’t had the opportunity to do a lot of crazy things together but I know we will...soon.

Adnan: We went running with some cheetahs on leashes in Kruger National Park. We were also the only two people there when my grandmother passed away. It was very sad and emotional, as she was someone we both adored deeply.

What did you get punished for the most as a child?

Saqib: I was a very assertive and curious child, constantly challenged my parents and got on their nerves, and got reprimanded. I never got punished as such.

Adnan: At age eight, I stole some money from my dad’s wallet, ran all the way to the market alone and bought the most expensive Japanese candy I could find. My mum wasn’t very happy when she heard about all this.

If you could only wear one piece of clothing for the rest of your life, from the other’s closet, what would it be?

Saqib: Adnan’s sense of style is the opposite of mine, given how different we are physically, but I really like his jackets. In fact, one of my favorite jackets for a long time was a shiny black summer one that he had discarded.

Adnan: Gosh, Saqib has some pretty unique things in his wardrobe. I don’t know what I would take. I know I would definitely throw away his favourite orange shorts!

If you could swap places with each other, what’s the first thing you would do?

Saqib: I would go for a long walk to see the world from a different vantage, given how tall he is.

Adnan: Blow some of that hard-earned cash and treat myself to an incredible vacation! Have a full time personal masseuse. Travel business class. And also make the movie that I (Saqib) want to make without thinking too much about it!

What is the one thing you love about your sibling?

Saqib: I love Adnan’s mind. He is very perceptive, ambitious and intelligent. He sets a goal and goes about it diligently to achieve it. I am much lazier.

Adnan: Saqib has the most unique sense of humour. He makes brilliant observations and has a really strong emotional intuition.

If you are fighting with each other, how do you make up?

Saqib: If we are fighting, I normally wait for Adnan to apologise – I must have the last word!

Adnan: We’ve entered a really mature and trusting phase. We just talk it out or in the worst case scenario, we communicate via writing (something we learnt from our mum!). But we really don’t fight anymore as we are aware of each other’s sensitivities and work around them.

What is the one secret talent your sibling has, that you wish you did too?

Saqib: His way with women!

Adnan: Saqib can convince anyone to do anything. His powers of persuasion are incredible. Also his ability to stir up a situation is incredible – he is a force of nature.

Describe your sibling in three words:

Saqib: Diligent, perceptive, and sensitive.

Adnan: Driven, hilarious, and insightful.

How are your personalities similar?

Saqib: I think we are both sensitive and grounded and have the ability to be honest with ourselves.

Adnan: We are quite sensitive, curious, and intuitive, and love a good story!

I can’t live without my brother because…

Saqib: I can’t live without my brother because he is going to take care of me in my old age!

Adnan: He is a fantastic guiding light for my career in the media world. I always consult him on my big decisions. He is always there to guide me in financial decisions also. Plus, we just get along really well now. It’s kind of fantastic to “discover” a brother so much later in life.

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