10 things you probably didn't know about the cast of 'Kapoor & Sons'

Did you know Fawad Khan is more excited for 'Kapoor & Sons' than the PakvsInd match?

Entertainment Desk March 18, 2016
Fawad Khan thinks he's average looking!?! PHOTO: ZEENEWS

The much awaited Fawad Khan starrer Kapoor & Sons hit cinemas across Pakistan and India today. Surprisingly, our Pakistani actor is more excited about the release of his film than the World T20 Pakistan, India clash at Eden Gardens.

You read that right.

Here are 10 interesting things we found out about the cast from their interviews during the film's promotions.

1. Fawad loves to party


Alia and Sid both corroborated the fact that Fawad was very unlike his 'sober' persona off screen. Sidharth said he would "rage till 4:00am and wake everyone up." Now that's a side of Fawad we would love to see!

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2. A fangirl sent Sid a pillow with her hair on it

Sidharth revealed that one of the most inappropriate fan moments he has experienced was when a girl sent him a pillow (with some of her hair on it) via courier and asked him to sleep on it so she would feel like they were sleeping in the same bed. And Sid being the nice guy that he is, obliged!

3. Alia Bhatt is over competitive


Both Fawad and Sid shared that Alia is over competitive even when it comes to playing casual games off set. In a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama, Alia's competitive side was very visible as she tried to win the quiz.

4. Fawad is more excited about his film than World T20 Pakistan, India match

Being a cricket fanatic, one would've assumed otherwise, but it looks like the heartthrob is actually rooting for his film over the Pakistan, India match!

"I am very excited but I'm more excited for Kapoor & Sons. Currently there is no India versus Pakistan T20, only Kapoor & Sons," said Fawad at the screening of the film.

5. Sid and Fawad actually became bros 


The two boys who play brothers in the film also became bros off set while chilling together. Fawad revealed that Sid and he are so close now that it actually feels like they are long lost brothers.

6. Fawad thinks he's average looking

Did we read that right or is Fawad blind? The handsome hunk actually thinks he isn't that good looking!

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7. Sid made Alia realise the value of having a family


Alia revealed that she didn't value her family as much before this film, and it was Sidharth who made her realise how important it is to have a supportive family.

"I am lucky to have a family in the industry. When I see Sidharth and how he manages everything here alone, I realise I don't have to do anything as my family takes care of all this. This film made me realise that true love is just not between a man or woman, but family as well. Earlier I did not give enough value to the support I get from my family," she shared.

8. Rishi Kapoor would quit everyday and Fawad would make fun of it

Rishi Kapoor revealed that it was very difficult for him to shoot with director Shakun Batra and they would fight everyday.

"I didn’t have fun working for Shakun Batra in Kapoor & Sons. I worked for 30-32 days on this film. Not a single day passed when Shakun and I didn’t fight. We fought because I couldn’t agree with his method of working on my role. I informed Karan Johar I was leaving. Please understand this was a very difficult role. For 13 hours I had to wear the makeup and emote in contact lenses, etc," the veteran actor said.


When asked whether this tension affected others on set, Fawad said, "Not at all. With seniority or with experience comes the right to argue and I found it kind of endearing and very cute. It would have been a problem if it affected our work but it did not and work went on as usual. In fact, we would laugh about it. Well, even Rishi ji would say, 'I am old school and perhaps that is why I do not understand these things.' But they made their peace and it was good. Rishi ji himself says to Shakun, 'You made a great film.'"

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9. Fawad is scared of his father-in-law

When it comes to his wife and in-laws’ reactions towards Fawad’s heartthrob status and female attention, he claims he never really lets the topic come up since he’s scared of his father-in-law. “I start talking like a complete idiot, which I am. But that’s my way of deflecting it,” he said.


10. Fawad's celebrity crush is Anne Hathaway

Fawad revealed that he recently watched The Intern and he has a crush on Anne Hathaway!


We are sure Anne would feel the same if she watched Kapoor & Sons, Fawad.


MILKHo | 5 years ago | Reply you should have mentioned the fact that fawad's sisters were given more freedom than him.He has talked about durring it lots of promotion IVs and he sounds jelous.also he has mentioned his father being super strict.He was like I play with my child we wath cartoons i never had that time of thing with my father.and he said that in alot .You can write something on that.
Bunny Rabbit | 5 years ago | Reply Initial reports suggest that its a good hit in India .
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