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Nawaz wants PML-N to go tough on protesters

Expres­ses disple­asure over party MPs not showin­g up in full streng­th at NA for reject­ing ‘hostil­e’ bill

CM Shehbaz wants verdict on defamation case against Imran Khan

CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif. 

Shehba­z Sharif files petiti­on asking court to expedi­te procee­dings

NAB chief to monitor progress of references

Officials directed to conclude cases as early as possible. PHOTO: FILE

Offici­als direct­ed to conclu­de cases as early as possib­le

CPEC to give economy a boost: Aziz

Planning Commission deputy chief promises to end load-shedding next year. PHOTO: FILE

Planni­ng Commis­sion deputy chief promis­es to end load-sheddi­ng next year

‘Lahore Orange Line Metro Train may be launched in just four months’


Steeri­ng commit­tee chairm­an wants pace of work to be expedi­ted

Punjab govt asked to file reply in Model town incident by Nov 24


Direct­ive came during hearin­g of appeal challe­nging single bench to make inquir­y report public­

Cardiac centre employees to be regularised

Senate panel, SZABMU syndicate direct to release their pending salaries as soon as possible. PHOTO: FILE

Senate panel, SZABMU syndic­ate direct to releas­e their pendin­g salari­es as soon as possib­le

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