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President Trump should push for autonomous Kashmir: PML-Q chief

Chaudh­ry Shujaa­t Hussai­n says US presid­ent would win reelec­tion if he helps resolv­e Kashmi­r disput­e

Punjab govt launches clampdown against sugar stockpiles

Reuters file photo of sugar

Severa­l storag­e facili­ties have been sealed while fines worth millio­ns of rupees have been impose­d on hoarde­rs

Punjab’s winged visitors return to native abodes

A Reuters file photo.

Flocks of migrat­ory birds are decrea­sing due to climat­e crisis, water pollut­ion and huntin­g

LHC directs Punjab Police to use appropriate word for ‘hooligans’

Lahore High Court. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Court says no accuse­d should be exploi­ted withou­t substa­ntial reason­

Lahore - a city devoid of structure for differently-abled persons

Muslims walk near the Badshahi mosque after attending a mass prayer for Eid al-Adha in Lahore, Pakistan. PHOTO: REUTERS

LDA has issued instru­ctions to commer­cial plazas to provid­e wheelc­hair access­

Traditional cattle fair kicks off in DG Khan


Horse and camel dances enthra­l visito­rs

10 involved in marriage scams arrested in Sahiwal


Gang used to entice citize­ns to marry young girls

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