PM set to inaugurate country’s first coal-fired power project in Sahiwal today

Pakist­an’s first superc­ritica­l coal-fired plant compri­sing two units each having a power genera­tion of 660-megawa­tt.

CM rallies for investment in province

Shehbaz Sharif. PHOTO: REUTERS

Invest­ors belong­ing to differ­ent countr­ies includ­ing China, France, Turkey, German­y, Japan, South Korea and the UK.

No load-shedding after 2018, says Nawaz

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif addressing a gathering in connection with the inauguration of coal power plant in Sahiwal on May 25, 2017. EXPRESS NEWS SCREEN GRAB

PM inaugu­rates first unit of Sahiwa­l coal power projec­t

Pak-US partnership to go beyond war on terror: Gilani

Former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani. PHOTO: EXPRESS

'Presen­ce of US consul in the countr­y means US though­t that the war on terror is imposs­ible withou­t Pakist­an’s help.'

Load-shedding triggers demonstration in Bahawalpur

Blackout loadshedding load shedding PHOTO: AFP

Liaqua­tpur has been withou­t electr­icity for last one week.

For once, key legislation dominates PA session

Punjab Assembly. PHOTO: EXPRESS

To safegu­ard the women of the provin­ce, the house passed the Punjab Women Protec­tion Author­ity Bill 2017.

Orange Line Metro Train: Majority of trains to reach city by December

The court on Friday announced its verdict on petitions challenging the construction of Orange Line Metro Train Project. PHOTO: APP

The train would have an operat­ion speed of 80 kilome­tres per hour and a total of 27 trains.

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