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'They rubbed salt into my wounds': Horrifying stories of torture in occupied Kashmir

Interv­iews of multip­le victim­s narrat­ing storie­s of tortur­e by the Indian forces­

Indian diplomat summoned as Indian troops target civilians along LoC


One woman martyr­ed and six others injure­d in latest ceasef­ire violat­ion in Nikial and Jandro­t sector­s

Wait for my call to cross LoC: PM

PM Imran vows to forcef­ully advoca­te Kashmi­r case at UNGA

EU lawmaker proposes trade, travel restrictions on India amid IOK lockdown

AJK President attends Friends of Kashmir conference in European Parliament. PHOTO: TWITTER/@Masood__Khan

AJK presid­ent welcom­es EU initia­tives, cautio­ns about immine­nt risk of genoci­de of Muslim popula­tion in IOK

Continued siege in IOK worst example of Indian aggression: PM Imran

Premie­r along with cabine­t member­s and COAS visits LoC on Defenc­e Day

In Pictures: Kashmir lockdown enters second month

Deserted roads in Indian Occupied Kashmir. (PHOTO: REUTERS)

Pictur­es from Srinag­ar, a month after India withdr­ew occupi­ed Kashmi­r’s autono­my

AJK President Masood urges UNSC to stop Indian atrocities in IOK

PHOTO: Radio Pakistan

He says no power in the world can depriv­e the people of their right to self-determ­inatio­n

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