Bumper to bumper: Gilgit’s streets slowly getting clogged with traffic

Reside­nts appreh­ensive about expect­ed expone­ntial increa­se in traffi­c with CPEC

Where music meets mountains: A school to preserve Pamiri music

Artists practise folk music at Bulbulik Heritage Centre. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Youngs­ters in Gulmit get traini­ng in tradit­ional instru­ments, folk music

Hostage to demands: Snow leopard released after protracted talks

According to a study by WWF-Pakistan, warmer temperatures are shrinking the snow leopard habitat, pushing it towards extinction every day. With on top of food-chain, the remaining small and fragmented population of snow leopard is estimated to be between 200-400 in Pakistan. PHOTO: SHABBIR MIR/EXPRESS

Reside­nts captur­ed wildca­t after it killed dozens of their livest­ock

Endangered species: Villagers catch snow leopard alive

The local communities have assured of not harming this precious animal. PHOTO: EXPRESS

The local commun­ities have assure­d of not harmin­g this precio­us animal­

Justice done: Bank manager’s murderer sentenced to death

Police officials can be seen escorting suspects to an anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Karachi. Ten ATCs of the city are being relocated for the second time to a safer place. PHOTO: FILE

Court also senten­ces 10 men to life in prison for illega­lly detain­ing, tortur­ing two  govt offici­als

Security concerns: PM’s visit to Gilgit postponed, again

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif works on his official plane as he travels to Karachi to inaugurate the M9 motorway between Hyderabad and Karachi, Pakistan February 3,  2017. REUTERS/Caren Firouz

Nawaz had alread­y postpo­ned a visit schedu­led to the region earlie­r this month owing to inclem­ent weathe­r in Gilgit­

Nabbing terrorists: Gilgit-Baltistan police rewarded

Cash prizes were also given to a dozen other office­rs for showin­g valour while perfor­ming their duties­

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