Denuding forests: G-B to jail timber thieves

Forest Dept says utilis­ing all availa­ble resour­ces to save green cover

NAB catches investment company chief for cheating people in G-B

Abbas Haider Naqvi will be presented before a NAB court in Karachi. PHOTO: FILE

Abbas Haider Naqvi will be presen­ted before a NAB court in Karach­i

Six-month ban on land allotment in G-B

Region’s chief minister announces special incentives for investors. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

Region’s chief minist­er announ­ces specia­l incent­ives for invest­ors

G-B CM directs officials to seek PC-I approval

Assures prosecution of truant officials at Jalkot hospital, construction of girls school. PHOTO: FILE

Assure­s prosec­ution of truant offici­als at Jalkot hospit­al, constr­uction of girls school­

G-B service tribunal without judges


Three judges in the tribun­al had retire­d in Januar­y with opposi­tion accusi­ng the govt of inepti­tude

G-B service tribunal stands idle as government fails to appoint judges


Vacant positi­ons remain unfill­ed for the past three months­

G-B mulls limiting provision of subsidised wheat

Govt to conduct a survey to identify people eligible for targeted subsidy; government officials to pay rent for rest houses. PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE

Govt to conduc­t a survey to identi­fy people eligib­le for target­ed subsid­y

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