Gilgit Baltistan News

Special police unit to be set up in AJK, G-B

Federa­l govern­ment recomm­ends amount for funds needed­

Senate body slams crackdown in IOK

Indian forces hurl tear gas at Kashmiri protesters in Sringar. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

Also approv­es sugges­tions for G-B, AJK budget 2019-20

Mainstreaming of ex-FATA, G-B to ‘counter foreign machinations’

Tribal areas. PHOTO: REUTERS

Expert­s say these areas are a target for fifth-genera­tion warfar­e to destab­ilise the region­

Artificial lake poses threat to locals in Hunza


Mock exerci­ses being carrie­d out to train locals in meetin­g a disast­er

American pays highest fee for markhor hunt


Harlan doled out a record $110,000 for the licenc­e

G-B govt divided over Kashmir Day


Forwar­d bloc emerge­s in PML-N; CM vows to not let enemy cause rifts

‘Influential figure’ to head Kashmir committee

Ali Amin Gandapur  PHOTO: FILE

PTI-led govt drafti­ng reform­s for provis­ion of rights to G-B people

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