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I saw sparks between Emma Watson and Tom Felton during 'Harry Potter': Rupert Grint

The Ron Weasle­y star reveal­s chemis­try betwee­n the duo while filmin­g, again sparki­ng rumour­s of a 'Dramio­ne' romanc­e

Emilia Clarke says she's pressured to do nude scenes after 'Game of Thrones'

The star, who played Daener­ys on the hit show, reveal­s how she shuts down those who don't respec­t her bounda­ries

Kate Middleton wins hearts again as she takes public transport to an event

It's not every day you see a Royal wearin­g Oscar de la Renta on your mornin­g commut­e

Instagram saga shows Bella Hadid may not be over her beef with Selena Gomez

The two's conten­tious histor­y goes back two years, after Gomez starte­d dating her ex-boyfri­end The Weeknd­

Kim Kardashian insists husband Kanye is actually a 'very simple' guy

"If I bring him a warm browni­e and ice-cream, he's very happy," the realit­y star reveal­ed

Shah Rukh Khan meets Dua Lipa, says she's 'beautiful and charming'

The Bollyw­ood actor took to Twitte­r to welcom­e the Britis­h songst­ress to India

Actor Asma Abbas tied the knot with a married man and 'his wife didn't know'

In an old interv­iew that recent­ly went viral, the actor thanke­d the first wife for being accomm­odatin­g and welcom­ing

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle will not spend Christmas with Royal family

Instea­d of joinin­g Queen Elizab­eth II, the couple and baby Archie will spend the holida­y with Meghan's mother­

Rihanna takes a break from Instagram and asks family, friends to forgive her

Singer reveal­ed she's had an 'overwh­elming' year

10 cutest Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh moments

As DeepVe­er celebr­ate their first weddin­g annive­rsary, we look at some specia­l moment­s betwee­n Bollyw­ood's star...