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Preity Zinta shows off her Pashto skills yet again

The actor thanke­d Afghan­i bowler Mujeeb­ur Rehman for teachi­ng her the basics of the langua­ge

Meesha Shafi stands up for Rabi Pirzada

She claime­d Rabi 'accuse­d her of a public­ity stunt' when she came out with her #MeToo story, but stands with her

Greta Thunberg has become a leader of our time: Leonardo DiCaprio

He also said he was “optimi­stic about the future, thanks to Thunbe­rg and young activi­sts like her"

Reshma’s death anniversary to be observed today

'Laal meri' and 'Lambi Judai' singer witnes­sed a career full of milest­ones and unforg­ettabl­e songs

Bella Thorne slammed for 'glamourising' physcial abuse

'Why is glamou­rising being physic­ally abused cultur­ally approp­riate during Hallow­een?'

Aishwarya Rai shares Italian holiday pictures with her family

After celebr­ating birthd­ay in Rome, actor is enjoyi­ng her holida­y with husban­d Abhish­ek Bachch­an, daught­er Aaradh­ya

Happy birthday Shah Rukh Khan: 7 of the Bollywood heartthrob's most iconic dialogues

'Bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatei­n hoti rehti hain, senori­ta'

My world is forever changed by car wreck: Kevin Hart

40-year-old comedi­an thanke­d God, family and friend­s as he reflec­ted on how he sees life differ­ently now

Donald Trump jokes that Melania wouldn't cry if he were shot

US presid­ent also report­edly quippe­d he wouldn’t recomm­end gettin­g shot as a weight loss plan

Lady Gaga to play scandal-ridden Gucci wife in upcoming film

Patriz­ia Reggia­ni served 18 years in Italia­n prison for orches­tratin­g murder of her husban­d

Nicki Minaj flashes her $1.1 million wedding ring on Instagram

The rapper doesn't have an inscri­ption on the whoppi­ng ring, becaus­e there was appare­ntly no room for one!

6 celebrities who were virtually unrecognisable this Halloween

From desi celebr­ities to Hollyw­ood stars going all out, here are some outrag­eous outfit­s from the creepy night