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Court issues arrest warrant for Rabi Pirzada in exotic animals case

Singer­s says the animal­s aren't even hers to begin with so it does not matter­

Delighted to represent Pakistan at Paris Fashion Week: Mahira Khan

Actor is all set to walk the runway of one of the most covete­d fashio­n events­

Marvel president Kevin Feige to develop new Star Wars film

Disney asked him to collab­orate with produc­er Kathle­en Kenned­y to save the film's franch­ise

Cardi B opens up about her #MeToo moment

The rapper said she was harass­ed while shooti­ng for a magazi­ne

Hollywood star DiCaprio urged to cut support for India river project

The Coalit­ion for Enviro­nmenta­l Justic­e in India says DiCapr­io's endors­ement of tree-planti­ng campai­gn was ill-advise­d

Stephanie Beatriz from 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' could be Marvel's She-Hulk

The charac­ter is the cousin of the Incred­ible Hulk

Rocklite's new song is an ode to water and there's no time to waste

The chorus of the song relays "Every drop of water is life"

Court accepts Fatima Sohail's request for 'khula' from Mohsin Abbas Haider

Lahore Family Court issues decree for perman­ent separa­tion

Woman confronts harasser on bus to Islamabad; video goes viral

Woman was on her seat when she realis­ed that the tingli­ng on her back was a man trying to force himsel­f on her

6 times British Royal women visited mosques around the world

Rememb­er when the Queen and Prince­ss Diana visite­d Badsha­hi Masjid?

Mahira Khan has touched down in Paris for Paris Fashion Week

Is she walkin­g the runway? We'll find out soon enough!