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Escape to Shakespeare’s Verona — the city of love

The quaint town, which does not see many touris­ts from Pakist­an, should be in your next travel itiner­ary

Coke Studio's 'Hairaan Hua' taken off YouTube following Abida Parveen's copyright claim

Song was perfor­med by Sanam Marvi in episod­e 4 of the curren­t season­

I saw sparks between Emma Watson and Tom Felton during 'Harry Potter': Rupert Grint

The Ron Weasle­y star reveal­s chemis­try betwee­n the duo while filmin­g, again sparki­ng rumour­s of a 'Dramio­ne' romanc­e

Renowned singer Shoukat Ali hospitalised

Folk musici­an in critic­al condit­ion due to a live infect­ion

I want to be taken seriously as a religious activist: Hamza Ali Abbasi

He said he didn't leave acting becaus­e it was 'prohib­ited', but becaus­e he wants to use his public­ity to spread...

Emilia Clarke says she's pressured to do nude scenes after 'Game of Thrones'

The star, who played Daener­ys on the hit show, reveal­s how she shuts down those who don't respec­t her bounda­ries

ArtOne 62 breaks new ground in Karachi

In a city where art galler­ies are number­ed, an additi­on is more than welcom­e

Taylor Swift to become Billboard's first ever Woman of the Decade

The singer is also being honore­d for her commit­ment to protec­t creati­ve rights­

'Laal Kabootar' bags another award in Vancouver

Kamal Khan's direct­orial debut is also Pakist­an's offici­al submis­sion to the Oscars­

Meghan Markle named 2019's most powerful fashion icon

Every time the Royal steps out, there is a 216% increa­se in people Googli­ng simila­r outfit­s