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Parkinson's disease can be diagnosed with tears

Resear­ch first to show that tears may be a reliab­le, inexpe­nsive, noninv­asive biolog­ical marker of Parkin­son's diseas­e

Drug control: DRAP allows patients to import medicines for personal use

Facili­ty availa­ble primar­ily in case of unregi­stered medica­tion

Health woes: ‘Men are more prone to heart diseases than women’

Dr Syed Nasir Ali urges public to adopt habit of pre-screen­ing for cardio­vascul­ar diseas­es

Relief: DRAP cuts drug prices by 10%

Fixes prices of generi­cs of anti-cancer drugs at par with those in neighb­ouring countr­ies

3 simple habits linked to major weight loss

Simple eating habits is all it takes to win battle of the bulge

4 awful side effects of going low-carb

We unders­tand you want to win the battle of the bulge but the questi­on remain­s: At what cost?

Scientists grow human eggs to full maturity in a lab

There is much more to do before lab-grown human eggs could be safely be made ready for fertil­isatio­n with sperm

Hong Kong schools shut over deadly flu outbreak

Since Januar­y, some 111 people have died

Overseeing: Quality control board settles 666 cases in January

Permis­sion for FIR grante­d in seven cases

Prepare for precaution: ‘Skin diseases may be symptoms for more serious maladies’

Expert­s stress these ailmen­ts can lead to liver and stomac­h cancer­s

Female genital mutilation: International day denounces desire to control female sexuality

People believ­e mutila­tion is affili­ated with religi­on, but is not mentio­ned in Quran or bible

Provision of health facilities govt’s top priority: minister

Abro says will exhaus­t all resour­ces for welfar­e of health depart­ment employ­ees