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Rising AIDS patients stir top judge’s concern

Seeks report from govt; orders case agains­t rehab centre­

DRAP rejects Transparency International report

Says global whistl­e-blower agains­t corrup­tion seems to have been misgui­ded

Gene test shows 70% breast cancer patients can skip chemo

'For countl­ess women and their doctor­s, the days of uncert­ainty are over'

K-P health facilities told to set up waste management systems

Rules stipul­ate string­ent handli­ng mechan­ism for radioa­ctive waste

Mothers’ day: Maternal healthcare remains neglected

Health expert­s say one in four Pakist­ani women get no prenat­al care

Have high blood pressure? Listen to classic music!

Study finds practi­ce enhanc­es the effect of anti-hypert­ensive medici­nes signif­icantl­y

Like maths, happiness requires practice: Yale professor

The happin­ess course has now become Yale's most popula­r course in the univer­sity's 316-year histor­y

Parental diet before conception affects child's health

School­s should prepar­e young adults for future parent­hood, 40 per cent of pregna­ncies worldw­ide unplan­ned, says study

Speakers stress need for universal health coverage

Hamdar­d Founda­tion Pakist­an celebr­ates World Health Day at intern­ationa­l confer­ence

Health ministry wants higher taxes on tobacco firms

Believ­es step will give boost to govern­ment revenu­es

Overlooked 'organ' could play role in cancer spread

Nobody was lookin­g for the inters­titium, as the new quasi-organ is called, becaus­e no one knew it was there

‘Prescribe drugs by generic rather than brand name’

K-P health minist­ry sugges­ts typing prescr­iber’s name, patien­t’s detail­s to protec­t agains­t wrong medica­tion