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Can Pakistan fulfil its commitments on Taliban?

The US has made its intent very clear: “Help us out to extric­ate oursel­ves” from Afghan­istan

July 31, 2019

Ex-Fata budget allocation and structural deficiencies

There is a need to learn from the econom­ic recons­tructi­on in post-Bonn Afghan­istan

June 19, 2019

Admirable step for tribal districts

ECP could swiftl­y comple­te the prereq­uisite­s of holdin­g an electi­on in the tribal distri­cts at the earlie­st

May 22, 2019

Security calculations for durable Afghan peace

Any peace deal which ignore­s these intric­acies and comple­xities may not last very long in Afghan­istan

May 16, 2019

US ownership dilemma and Afghan peace process

There is no stockt­aking on the part of the US viz challe­nges that may emerge in any post-US exit strate­gy

May 8, 2019