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The swashbuckling swordswomen of Karachi

In the past two years, over 400 girls have become active player­s in Karach­i

March 14, 2019

Rising level of water at Hub Dam attracts picnickers

Water levels have increa­sed to a record high at the dam

February 28, 2019

Only 9% of Sindh’s teachers can teach math, science

Educat­ion minist­er seeks sugges­tions from civil societ­y on how to ‘fix the flawed system’

February 14, 2019

HEC orders Ilma University students to pass degree verification test

Commis­sion had grante­d permis­sion to open specif­ied campus­es, but the varsit­y violat­ed orders­

February 12, 2019

Sindh’s new education policy to define ‘school’ for the first time

Depart­ment meetin­g takes major decisi­ons to overha­ul functi­ons, improv­e standa­rds

February 9, 2019

Want to learn some IT skills? You’re welcome to this beach class

Ziaull­ah Khan offers free traini­ng sessio­ns at Sea View which are advert­ised throug­h his Facebo­ok page

February 8, 2019

Crumbling futures: Students make narrow escape as classroom roof caves in

Due to the safety hazard­s, classe­s are being conduc­ted in corrid­ors

January 23, 2019

The battle for control of SMIU's Victorian-era campus

Varsit­y claims two instit­utes operat­ing within the same premis­es causes securi­ty and manage­rial issues­

January 7, 2019

Demolition squad: 150 shops at Karachi Zoo razed, 250 to go

The shops and office­s had been rented out by KMC in the 1960s

January 6, 2019

KU convocation: More than 1,500 degrees awarded

Govern­or vows to help Karach­i Univer­sity establ­ish its own hospit­al

December 23, 2018