Teenager’s arm amputated after being administered wrong injection

The 13-year-old boy was brought to Razia Medical Centre for fever, body ache

Saba Naz July 02, 2019

KARACHI: A 13-year-old child had to have his arm amputated after he was allegedly adminstered the wrong injection at a medical centre in Karachi.

The victim's family said that the boy was brought to the medical facility as he had a fever and the incident took place due to the negligence of the hospital staff. The child's parents have demanded legal action against the doctors and hospital administration.

Hamza Rehan, 13, was taken to Razia Medical Centre at Bhains Colony, Landhi over a complaint of fever and body pain on June 22. The doctors administered an injection to Hamza after which his right hand started to turn black.

The parents later rushed the child to Dr Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital's Trauma Centre where doctors advised that surgery be done immediately to prevent the toxicants from spreading.

Hamza's right arm was amputated during the surgery following which he was shifted to the ICU. According to the child's parents, Rehan Ahmed and Ayesha Rehan, the doctors at the centre administered an injection and a drip to their child after which his right hand started to turn black.

"I immediately rushed to the doctor and told them about Hamza's situation and his unbearable pain but they were busy in their OPD," said Rehan, adding that he was told by the doctors that the pain had increased due to the injection and there was nothing to worry about. If he does not get better, the father was told, the doctors would have him admitted for a few days.

However, Hamza's arm kept darkening as the drip continued. "I went to call the doctors three times but they declined to attend to the patient. When the drip was complete, 30% of Hamza's arm had turned black after which, I immediately rushed him to the civil hospital," the father said. Hamza underwent three minor operations at the hospital but seeing no recovery, the doctors had to amputate his arm during the fourth surgical procedure.

Minor dies of ‘wrong injection’

The four operations were performed on June 22 and the final operation took place on June 28. The father lamented that his son had now become handicapped and demanded action against the doctors and hospital involved in the negligence. Hospitals like these should be sealed so that no one has to suffer through this grief, said the mother, adding that she would not have taken her son to the hospital if she knew about his fate and would have preferred to treat him at home.

"My son now lies crippled," she lamented, adding that she wanted to see her child study well and become a soldier. "I saved Hamza from all mishaps but my son has become a disabled person instead of an armed officer". She said that they were poor and requested that the authorities provide good treatment for her son and arrange for a prosthetic hand.

Commenting on his misfortune, Hamza said that his mother had taught him from class two that he had to become an armed officer and serve his country. "I wanted to support my family but now I am miserably dependent on them," he said. He added that he was doing well in his studies and bagged the first position in grade seven but his dreams had shattered.

On the other side, the administrator at Razia Medical Centre, Dr Memon, said that he does not have any information about the incident and would only comment after an inquiry.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 2nd, 2019.


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