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Crucial takeaway from marriage bill controversy

Civil law must protec­t the rights of people concer­ning freedo­m from violen­ce and exploi­tation­

September 15, 2019

Bitter pill of education sector reforms

The financ­ial and techni­cal help from INGOs would be crucia­l for mainta­ining the educat­ion infras­tructu­re

September 27, 2018

The great policy rush

Govts of Punjab and Sindh introd­uced severa­l polici­es at a time when they were litera­lly packin­g up

June 16, 2018

Justice Sachar: a path worth pursuing

Justic­e Sachar will always be known as an icon of the strugg­le waged for making his countr­y a fairer place

May 20, 2018

Someone’s crying Lahore

Why Lahore has become an epicen­tre of abuse of blasph­emy laws

March 5, 2018

The legacy Asma leaves behind

She was a better advoca­te becaus­e she could listen to and step into shoes of the victim­s

February 26, 2018

UPR: an opportunity or just an event?

Conclu­sion of UPR was trivia­lised as Pakist­an refuse­d to accept most of substa­ntial recomm­endati­ons

November 12, 2017

Making good on one’s promises

PM has made comfor­ting statem­ents recent­ly showin­g the altern­atives in an inclus­ive and plural­ist Pakist­an

April 15, 2017

Quest for global governance

Global challe­nges are diffic­ult to overco­me using narrow interp­retati­on of nation­alism

March 27, 2017

Piecemeal approach to justice

Scope of making a tolera­nt societ­y and reduci­ng crime obviou­sly goes beyond the role of legisl­ation, jails and courts­

February 18, 2017