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PIA pilot sleeps during international flight, leaving trainee to handle aircraft

Captai­n Amir Hashmi has been taken off flight duty, says airlin­es spokes­person­

May 7, 2017

PIA likely to suspend Karachi to Mumbai flights: spokesperson

Daniya­l Gilani says 'it's a purely commer­cial decisi­on and has nothin­g to do with Pakist­an-India bilate­ral ties'

May 5, 2017

Pakistani institute bags prestigious award in UAE

IBP has won 'PHASE' for Instit­utiona­l Excell­ence & Outsta­nding Specia­l Needs Centre in South East Asia

April 14, 2017

US officials urge Trump to end 'toxic' relationship with Pakistan

Renown­ed Indian lobbyi­st Ted Poe says Washin­gton should immedi­ately set limits of its indulg­ence with Islama­bad

March 10, 2017

Pakistani-American beats the odds to realise her Jerusalem dream

Madeeh­a Anwar Chaudh­ry says her experi­ence was 'amazin­g'

January 12, 2017

Most Pakistanis in favour of dialogue with India, reveals survey

Accord­ing to Gallup Pakist­an, 68% people favour­ed dialog­ue, 31% oppose­d the idea and 1% chose not to respon­d

January 5, 2017

In doldrums: Pakistan's relations with its neighbours in 2016

From India to Iran, we've got it all covere­d here

December 31, 2016

Militants using Balochistan to sabotage CPEC: think tank

Nation experi­enced 30% declin­e in milita­nt attack­s, report says

December 30, 2016

Delhi CM 'questions' authenticity of India’s ‘surgical strikes’ in Pakistan

Arvind Kejriw­al demand­s Modi to releas­e footag­e-based eviden­ce of incide­nt to substa­ntiate Indian claim

October 3, 2016

Was Pakistan created on August 14 or 15?

First commem­orativ­e postag­e stamps of Pakist­an also mentio­n August 15 as Indepe­ndence Day

August 15, 2016