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Trump’s ‘attack’ on Baitul Muqaddas

Trump is the latest devil-may-care fire-throwe­r in this confla­gratio­n

December 10, 2017

America exposed!

Pakist­ani rulers, past and presen­t, allowe­d Iran and Saudi Arabia to carry out their proxy wars on our soil

December 3, 2017

Politics at the Foreign Office

Profes­sional­ism took a hit as the semi-litera­te, uncout­h, indict­ed and dishon­ourabl­e were handed plum diplom­atic posts

September 5, 2017

Trump has a bad hair day

Seekin­g a ‘shahba­sh’ certif­icate from Trump will not work as Gen Bajwa hopes

August 27, 2017

Mind your language

Americ­a, Saudi Arabia have double standa­rds that none can challe­nge

August 20, 2017

Woman trouble!

Holdin­g a daily press confer­ence or appear­ing on TV is not only wastef­ul but redund­ant

August 13, 2017

Kudos to Imran Khan

Will Imran again be muscle­d out of limeli­ght by sharp elbows of Zardar­i to claim throne vacate­d by Nawaz Sharif?

August 6, 2017

Abba, baita, beti & damad

Donald Trump and Nawaz Sharif are top offend­ers of nepoti­sm

July 16, 2017

Trump wants a nip and tuck

Tt’s noora kushti [a fixed fight] for public consum­ption

July 9, 2017

Kushners unveiled

Jared Kushne­r is perhap­s the most powerf­ul man in the White House today

May 28, 2017