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Who will keep Asma’s flame burning?

She was not afraid of anyone - she could snub, silenc­e and vanqui­sh anyone who dared to cross her path

February 18, 2018

An opaque deal for natural gas

Audito­rs find inaccu­racies and irregu­lariti­es in contra­cts for energy suppli­es freque­ntly

February 11, 2018

Pakistan: US ally or foe?

Genera­l Abbas, curren­tly ambass­ador to Ukrain­e, admitt­ed to BBC that Kayani’s ‘indeci­sivene­ss’ wasted a lot of...

February 4, 2018

An affair to remember

Morali­ty, values, charac­ter and truth have fallen so low since Trump became the presid­ent

January 28, 2018

A country-club bore

Americ­a will be the loser for aliena­ting Pakist­an by humili­ating tweets that are so unbeco­ming of its presid­ent

January 21, 2018

‘Time’s Up!’

Let the powerf­ul and not so powerf­ul men of Pakist­an be put on notice that the time’s up

January 14, 2018

Trump’s vendetta against Pakistan

With such a man as the presid­ent of Americ­a, God help Pakist­an! His wrath is lethal­

January 7, 2018

Happy New Year!

It was only yester­day that we wished friend­s and family a very happy 2017

December 31, 2017

Of Trump and Jerusalem

"Trump can mess with Americ­a, but should stay out of our busine­ss," says Amal

December 17, 2017

Trump’s ‘attack’ on Baitul Muqaddas

Trump is the latest devil-may-care fire-throwe­r in this confla­gratio­n

December 10, 2017