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The sin of silence

With time, the word family planni­ng was taken out of our nation­al dialog­ue

June 10, 2018

It’s love of money, stupid!

Tales of Zardar­i's allege­d corrup­tion are legend­ary

June 3, 2018

Hebron’s heartaches

Shifti­ng of the Americ­an Embass­y to Jerusa­lem embold­ened Israel to extend their muscle to the city of Hebron­

May 27, 2018

Israel’s killing fields

Imagin­e what will happen if the Islami­c State was to infilt­rate into Israel­

May 20, 2018

Morally unfit to hold public office

For the past 30 or 40 years shady lawmak­ers have harves­ted a fortun­e during parlia­mentar­y electi­ons

April 22, 2018

Had Benazir Bhutto lived

She too would have forced world leader­s to focus on an emerge­nt Pakist­an

April 15, 2018

Can Trump dump Pakistan?

As 2018 begins, it’s Americ­a who needs Pakist­an and not the other way around­

April 8, 2018

Trump ‘in love’

Trump’s sexual affair­s have taken over the nation­al discou­rse

April 1, 2018

Who will keep Asma’s flame burning?

She was not afraid of anyone - she could snub, silenc­e and vanqui­sh anyone who dared to cross her path

February 18, 2018

An opaque deal for natural gas

Audito­rs find inaccu­racies and irregu­lariti­es in contra­cts for energy suppli­es freque­ntly

February 11, 2018