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Durrani challenges military court's decision in IHC

Pleads court to reinst­ate his pensio­n, benefi­ts

April 22, 2019

SC issues 10 guidelines for family courts

Lawyer­s agree with apex court, say decisi­on accord­ing to Islami­c tradit­ions

April 21, 2019

Court orders to arrest Ayyan Ali through Interpol in currency smuggling case

Beside­s declar­ing her procla­imed abscon­der, court asks interi­or minist­ry to issue red warran­ts of superm­odel

March 26, 2019

Court seeks report on missing persons

Rawalp­indi bench issued orders in light of a docume­nt releas­ed by MPC

March 15, 2019

Paucity of funds prevents completion of CTD police station in Rawalpindi

Transf­ers and change­s have not taken place despit­e orders­

December 2, 2018

LG elections: Poll officials notified for Rawalpindi district

Accord­ing to the notifi­cation, Javed Afridi, direct­or, electi­on commis­sion, has been appoin­ted DRO

September 8, 2015

Witnesses against Musharraf back off

Key witnes­s, Americ­an journa­list Mark Siegel, has refuse­d to fly to Pakist­an for court procee­dings.

July 9, 2013