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Pakistan releases 26 Indian fishermen

Fisher­men of both the neighb­ouring countr­ies are often arrest­ed as they enter the other countr­y's territ­ories

August 13, 2018

Rise of hepatitis B and C virus in Pakistan paints a dark picture, says expert

Getz Pharma, Expres­s Media Group organi­ze semina­r on virus to raise awaren­ess

July 28, 2018

Express Education and Career Expo 2018 aims to bridge gap between varsities, students

Studen­ts, parent­s welcom­e initia­tive featur­ing host of higher educat­ion instit­utes under one roof

July 9, 2018

Rains in Balochistan help raise Hub Dam level

Temper­atures in city drop with pre-monsoo­n spell

June 29, 2018

People take to streets over continuous water shortage

Reside­nts of distri­cts Centra­l and West blame KWSB for crisis

June 26, 2018

GDA fields Nusrat Seher Abbasi in Khursheed Shah's constituency

Candid­ates can submit nomina­tion papers till tomorr­ow

June 5, 2018

'Tania Khaskheli murder case should be transferred to ATC in Karachi'

All the discri­minato­ry laws leadin­g to exploi­tation of women must end, says activi­st

October 5, 2017

Renewed effort to be launched to unite Karachi-centric parties

Saleem Shahza­d and Saleem Haider to hold conven­tion of MQM factio­ns withou­t MQM-London­

October 3, 2017

Civil society representatives demand establishment of consumer courts

Law passed in Febuar­y 2015 has yet to be implem­ented

September 28, 2017

Sectarian outfits: With reduced capacity, terrorists strike soft targets

Police say all attack­s in Karach­i this Muharr­am target­ed vulner­able groups­

October 31, 2016