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Lahore police grab security by the horns

Around 2,400 warden­s have been deploy­ed to mainta­in traffi­c flow

September 13, 2017

Cricket: not out

Thousa­nds head to Gaddaf­i Stadiu­m to watch clash betwee­n Pakist­an and World XI

September 13, 2017

Security plan for cricket gala finalised

More than 8,000 police­men will be on securi­ty duty at Gaddaf­i Stadiu­m

September 10, 2017

Lawyers say long adjournment may ease tensions

Say a later date for case will give bar and bench time to reach a soluti­on to the matter­

August 23, 2017

City becomes a symphony in green and white

Locals come onto the street­s in droves to mark 70th Indepe­ndence Day

August 15, 2017

And he’s back: PML-N gives Nawaz a roaring welcome

Party worker­s, state machin­ery work endles­sly to prepar­e provin­cial capita­l

August 13, 2017

City all set to welcome deposed prime minister

Instea­d of Quaid and Allama Iqbal, poster­s of Nawaz domina­te city in August­

August 8, 2017

Independence Day preparations in full swing

PICD has planne­d a specia­l radio transm­ission called Jashan-e-Azadi

August 4, 2017

PML-N keeps city peaceful, vows to bounce back

Party leader­s do not agree with Panama verdic­t, but choose to accept it

July 29, 2017

Students shine in 2017 matric exams

Positi­on holder­s to get guard of honour at CM House in Murree­

July 26, 2017