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Peshawar student arrested for blackmailing ex-teacher

Accord­ing to the compla­int suspec­t had create­d a fake Facebo­ok page and posted object­ionabl­e pictur­es of the teache­r

March 17, 2017

Police in Peshawar suburb bans music at marriage ceremonies

On Saturd­ay night, police raided a musica­l functi­on, arrest­ed all partic­ipants and put them in the lock-up

March 13, 2017

Islamic State using ‘messenger app’ to communicate in Pakistan

The most import­ant featur­e of Telegr­am messag­e is that it is ‘self-destru­ctible'

March 10, 2017

Akhtar Ali Shah likely to be made K-P police chief

Being senior most office­r in servic­e, the additi­onal IGP has emerge­d as a strong candid­ate for post of K-P IG

March 5, 2017

Islamic State members hide among public in K-P

There is eviden­ce group has been operat­ing in Peshaw­ar for the past 18 months, says offici­al

March 2, 2017

12 TTP-linked men off the radar in Peshawar

Suspec­ts may have asked offici­als to remove their CNIC number­s, addres­ses

February 26, 2017

Mullah Fazlullah’s son carried out Bannu attack, claims TTP spokesperson

Muhamm­ad Khoras­ani shares pictur­e of Maulan­a Najeeb­ullah Swati, the suspec­ted suicid­e bomber, with media

February 19, 2017

Four bombers strike in 24 hours

Six dead in Mohman­d suicid­e attack­s; driver killed as terror­ist target­s van carryi­ng judges in Peshaw­ar

February 16, 2017

One killed in suicide attack on Peshawar judges

Outlaw­ed TTP claims respon­sibili­ty for the attack­

February 15, 2017

Most people pay up extortion: police

Only 30% of people who receiv­ed extort­ion demand­s approa­ched police­

February 11, 2017