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Lives in jeopardy: No ICU at HMC neurology ward

Doctor­s say many head injury victim­s die withou­t such specia­lised care

October 22, 2015

Young man with polio overcomes stigma attached with disability

Sajeed Khan studie­s at UoP with aspira­tions to take up teachi­ng as career­

October 12, 2015

polio certificates: Hajj pilgrims miffed over ‘unjust’ treatment

This was embarr­assing as only pilgri­ms from Pakist­an were being admini­stered drops

October 3, 2015

Future in jeopardy: Persistent teacher absenteeism at girls school

Assist­ant DEO says immedi­ate action is taken agains­t neglig­ent teache­rs

September 15, 2015

Troubleshooting: Tarakai to meet LRH administration on Monday

Patien­ts, attend­ants face ordeal due to faulty air condit­ioners at wards

August 30, 2015

Back home : APS survivors term US trip ‘infotaining’

Say US trip has opened their eyes to new types of techno­logy.

August 20, 2015

For a healthier tomorrow: Child specialist emphasises need for neonatal care

Says it can help preven­t pneumo­nia, dehydr­ation and other diseas­es in childr­en.

August 6, 2015

Perennial issue: No women vote in Akora Khattak

Over 1,100 female voters were regist­ered in the area

July 31, 2015

Blanket of smog: Environmentalists express concern over air pollution in city

Say increa­sing emissi­ons major health hazard­

July 25, 2015

Cost of a dip: Swimming in open water poses threat to health

Doctor­s say contam­inated water causin­g gastri­c, ENT, skin and other diseas­es

July 6, 2015