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The Kayani brethren

That is my regret that my friend, Ashfaq Kayani, ignore­d his siblin­gs’ deeds. He should and could have done better­

January 26, 2016

Modi’s change of heart

Pathan­kot attack provid­es Modi opport­unity to establ­ish his creden­tials as one who has had a genuin­e change of heart

January 6, 2016

Pakistan again centre stage for Afghanistan

Having taken centre stage, Pakist­an bears the onerou­s burden of the succes­s of a region­al soluti­on for Afghan proble­m

December 31, 2015

Determinants of successful counter-urban terrorism

Guerri­lla operat­ions are comple­mented by urban terror­ism and these are counte­red by counte­r-urban terror­ist operat­ions

December 18, 2015

On counter-guerrilla operations

When India violat­es the LoC, it’s unconc­erned about who is killed, soldie­rs or civili­ans

November 17, 2015

What is happening in Syria?

Even if Assad is evil, given a choice betwee­n Assad and the IS, who do we prefer?

October 14, 2015

The two distinctly different wars we face

Our situat­ion is made even more challe­nging by the overt aggres­sion of a neighb­our

October 3, 2015

What is terrorism and why does it figure here?

We must demand from them the securi­ty that they can give but must not take the law in our own hands

September 8, 2015

What does the war on terror mean to citizens?

IRA sought improv­ed condit­ions for Irish. Our insurg­ents have absolu­tely no intere­st in improv­ing lot of the people­

August 25, 2015

Cyber Crime Bill or Cyber Censorship Bill?

The Bill is closer to being a ‘censor­ship bill’ rather than a cyberc­rime preven­tion bill

May 3, 2015