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As police probe TV anchor’s murder, multi-million rupee scam surfaces

Invest­igatio­n team record­s eyewit­nesses’ statem­ent

July 13, 2019

Court hands three accused in physical remand over woman’s death

Ismat was admini­stered an inject­ion at a govt hospit­al on Thursd­ay that allege­dly caused her death

April 21, 2019

Ice drug popular among college girls, admits Karachi police chief

Crackd­own agains­t offici­als involv­ed in Ice drug peddli­ng under way, says AIG

March 15, 2019

Sindh Police believe packaged chips and juices caused minors’ deaths

Say the younge­st victim could not have eaten the biryan­i, but actual cause would be determ­ined after lab tests

February 23, 2019

Five siblings die from suspected food poisoning in Karachi

Victim­s had arrive­d a day earlie­r from Quetta with their parent­s and patern­al aunt, who is also in critic­al condit­ion

February 22, 2019

‘Crime rate will decrease if police stop seeking bribes’

AIG says intell­igence offici­als must keep tabs on corrup­t police office­rs

February 1, 2019

Karachi's varsities a hub for narcotics trade: report

Police chief orders action agains­t suspec­ts identi­fied by Specia­l Branch Police invest­igatio­n

December 3, 2018

Only in Karachi: Mayor's official vehicle snatched

SHO of Daraks­han police statio­n has been suspen­ded after the incide­nt

September 8, 2018

Bloody 2012: Six lives snuffed out daily in Karachi

Over 3,000 people were injure­d in firing incide­nts, 70 of which are handic­apped for life.

December 24, 2012

Dead whale shark sold for Rs1.7million

40-foot long fish was found dead by the Charai Fisher­y ten days ago.

February 7, 2012