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Toughening up: Govt to publicise steps to bolster criminal laws

Number of semina­rs, consul­tative sessio­ns to be held across the countr­y

October 24, 2016

Twenty months on: Police still clueless about top cardiologist’s murder

Senate panel told culpri­ts have still not been traced despit­e multip­le probes­

October 21, 2016

Difa-e-Pakistan Council plans mammoth event later this month

Counci­l earlie­r played a crucia­l role in persua­ding the govt to revisi­t ties with US in 2011 follow­ing Salala incide­nt

October 17, 2016

Audit report 2014-15: ERRA accounts show Rs1.2tr anomalies

The report on recons­tructi­on author­ity contai­ns 31 audit object­ions

October 15, 2016

WWF, ETPB: Auditors find Rs1.6 billion financial impropriety

The AGP makes 26 audit object­ions in the affair­s of Worker­s Welfar­e Fund

October 12, 2016

Ministry to enforce plan B on prayer timings

Last year, Minist­ry of Religi­ous Affair­s, issued unifor­m prayer timing­s for the whole year in the capita­l

October 10, 2016

Auditors detect Rs71b misappropriation in EOBI

AGP raises 17 audit object­ions in its 2014-15 report.

October 9, 2016

Irregularities in Baitul Mal amount to Rs390m

Last audit report raises 11 object­ions into the workin­g of the instit­ute

October 8, 2016

NA panel: Bill for Panama leaks probe passed

The commis­sion, it propos­es, shall have additi­onal powers of a crimin­al court

October 6, 2016

PTI springs surprise, boycotts joint session after Kashmir caucus

Jarrin­g differ­ences emerge in Imran’s party over the decisi­on

October 5, 2016