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Let’s work to correct our flaws

The two countr­ies should develo­p a symbio­tic relati­onship­

May 19, 2017

Red carpet for the ‘Butcher of Kabul’!

Hekmat­yar’s return brough­t back bitter memori­es for the reside­nts of the city who he had tormen­ted for 4 long years

May 7, 2017

Call of the wild

Untame­d spirit marks silver jubile­e of pionee­ring wildli­fe magazi­ne

October 16, 2016

Mr Ghani, beware of the spoilers within

If Presid­ent Ghani wants to restor­e peace in his countr­y, he should re-engage with Pakist­an

October 23, 2015

Singapore: A portrait of peace and diversity

Singap­ore charms you from the moment you land there

October 18, 2015

Kunduz debacle: time for soul-searching

Kunduz seizur­e de-emphas­ised leader­ship row in Taliba­n and showed resili­ent militi­a’s power to captur­e an urban centre­

October 6, 2015

Shahi Syed: Rise of a political rookie

An ANP leader's rich blend of busine­ss and commun­ity servic­e

July 2, 2015

Up against a crumbling wall

‘Dhaiti Deewar­ain’ may be based in Russia but its depict­ion of domest­ic strife will give you a rush of blood

May 15, 2015

The day I cried in the newsroom

“Khan jee, the Taliba­n have attack­ed the Army Public School," said a text messag­e

April 12, 2015

Situationer: Mangal Bagh back in the spotlight

Former critic­s believ­e this time around the securi­ty forces really mean busine­ss

November 10, 2014