The seething red anger: Is it all worth it?

Force that change upon yourself- even if it is painful, even if it seems impossible, even if it kills you.

Saba Khalid August 01, 2012
In the colourful spectrum of human emotions, my favourite has always been the seething, ugly, red one — anger. Every now and then, it’s good to feel like a steaming frying pan left on high heat for so long that it splatters off anything and everything you place on it — in strict rejection, in complete contempt or in painful helplessness.

Trying to cook something in it will only produce something burnt and distorted. So you’ve got two choices: either turn off the heat completely or keep burning until nothing of it/you remains.

I can’t stress how important that state of anger really is. A point when fists can no longer be clenched, screams no longer muffled and the mind no longer quieted. I say your anger is important because it allows you to take action. To make changes. To break free.

Life’s too short to spend countless hours simmering away. Look into your heart and see if a change can be made. Understand the kind of change you require. Sometimes people can’t make that change for you, so take that chance and create it yourself.

And don’t ever misjudge your anger. Don’t belittle it when others find it immature and unnecessary. Take guidance from your heart and gut, not your intelligent head or condescending people.

If you’ve stumbled upon this and are feeling undermined, unsatisfied and unhappy with any area of your life at this very minute. Stop and take account of all your feelings, and think:

‘Is it all worth it?’

If someone or something is holding your mind captive and won’t even let you think of any other thought, ask yourself, ‘is it all worth it?’

If being in proximity of it all makes you feel sick to your stomach, think again, ‘is it all worth it?’

I’m pretty sure it won’t be, at least in the long winding trajectory of life — and if it isn’t then don’t simmer anymore. Don’t let it take over your being. Don’t let it control you. Don’t let it damage you. Don’t let it waste your time. And most of all — don’t let it define you.

Force that change upon yourself — even if it is painful, even if it seems impossible, even if it kills you.

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Saba Khalid A blogger for Rolling Stone magazine, a contributor to Kulturaustauch and Musikexpres, Saba is an Institute for Foreign Affairs (IFA) Cross Culture scholar for the year 2012 who also teaches creative writing to young aspiring writers. She blogs at and can be found on instagram as @thecityalive
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