Highwaymen: Passengers of five vehicles looted

All were commut­ing betwee­n Bagh and Rawalp­indi.

Lok Mela: Visitors throng Kashmiri pavilion in large numbers

Many professional and amateur singers give performances and present Kashmiri folk music. PHOTO: FILE

Many profes­sional and amateu­r singer­s give perfor­mances and presen­t Kashmi­ri folk music.

The balancing act: A new face of Kashmir women’s long struggle

The minister for women’s development in AJK talks about how Kashmiri women can be empowered.

The minist­er for women’s develo­pment in AJK talks about how Kashmi­ri women can be empowe­red.

Murder most foul: Man commits suicide after killing woman

Police have no explanation for why he shot her or himself. PHOTO: FILE

Police have no explan­ation for why he shot her or himsel­f.

Linkage: ‘Telecom infrastructure in Neelum Valley soon’

SCO is planning to lay telecommunication infrastructure in Neelum Valley of AJK to link it with rest of the country. PHOTO: FILE

SCO is planni­ng to lay teleco­mmunic­ation infras­tructu­re in Neelum Valley of AJK to link it with rest of the countr­y.

Power production: AJK govt starts work on an integrated plan

Under the ambitious plan, the AJK government will tap hydel resources across the region to produce over 20,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity, official sources said. PHOTO: FILE

Under plan, AJK govt will tap hydel resour­ces across region to produc­e over 20,000MW of electr­icity, say source­s.

Illegal bus stands: Owners given 15 days to vacate or face action

AJK Transport Minister Tahir Khokhar said on Sunday that more than 100 bus and three-wheeler stands across the region were being run illegally by transporters and their agents. PHOTO: FILE

AJK minist­er says more than 100 bus, 3-wheele­r stands across region were being run illega­lly by transp­orters, agents.

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