AJK premier slaps civic agency official

Majeed apolog­ised to MDA office­r after he threat­ened to spill the beans about graft

PPP-led government opposed greater water share for AJK: Rasheed

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif talking to residents in Forward Kahuta, Azad Kashmir. PHOTO: PID

Federa­l minist­ers say valley witnes­sed no develo­pment under incumb­ent regime­

AJK govt spells out five-point charter of demands

Minister for Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir Affairs Chaudhry Barjees Tahir. PHOTO: FILE

Calls for remova­l of Kashmi­r Affair­s Minist­er Barjee­s Tahir

Acting chief election commissioner: AJK court declares appointment beyond powers

President appointed Justice Mughal on Dec 22, via an amended ordinance

Presid­ent appoin­ted Justic­e Mughal on Dec 22, via an amende­d ordina­nce

Additional charge: Justice Mughal made AJK acting CEC

Justice Ghulam Mustafa Mughal. PHOTO: FILE

The post had been vacant for the last six months­

Business, entrepreneurship: Women asked to show their mettle


The worksh­op was sponso­red by the United States Embass­y under its entrep­reneur­ship develo­pment progra­mme in Pakist­an

Medical waste: Recycling a distant dream

No progress on the project despite IHC directions PHOTO: FILE

No progre­ss on the projec­t despit­e IHC direct­ions

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