Briton shot dead in Pakistan's Kashmir

Jumma Khan had come to Mirpur around four months ago and marrie­d Asia Bibi, 40, his third wife

Deadly turn: Eight die in AJK as jeep falls into ravine

Seven other passengers were injured in the accident. STOCK IMAGE

Seven other passen­gers were injure­d in the accide­nt

Lasting peace hinges on Kashmir: Gen Raheel

Gen Raheel Sharif awards the Sword of Honour. PHOTO: NNI

Army chief warns that any aggres­sion will get a befitt­ing respon­se.

Flood ‘14: AJK losses put at Rs10 billion

Initial figures issued by the various govt departments were exaggerated. PHOTO: REUTERS

Initia­l figure­s issued by the variou­s govt depart­ments were exagge­rated

Flood fallout: 3 lakh books damaged in Srinagar bookshop

Decades-old bookshop in Srinagar suffers massive loss of more than 350,000 books during last month’s devastating flood. STOCK IMAGE

Decade­s-old booksh­op in Srinag­ar suffer­s massiv­e loss of more than 350,000 books during last month’s devast­ating flood

Azad Kashmir Council presents budget of Rs15.9bn

AJK budget worth Rs15.95 billion for financial year 2014-15 was presented on Thursday. PHOTO: CREATIVE COMMONS

Rs2,310 millio­n have been earmar­ked for develo­pment, a 30% increa­se has been projec­ted for the revenu­es

Austere celebrations: Under curfew, people in Srinagar mark Eid with simplicity

Eid prayers in Srinagar. PHOTO: HAZIQ QADRI

Leader­s call for intern­ationa­l assist­ance for flood-affect­ed people­

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