Tragedy: Two killed, 15 injured in AJK road accident

The injure­d were shifte­d to the distri­ct headqu­arters hospit­al in Manseh­ra

Groundswell of support: PML-N workers rally behind Nawaz in AJK capital

AJK's chief Raja Farooq Haider 

Imran Khan should wait until the 2018 electi­ons to be democr­atical­ly electe­d

Supply lines cut: AJK feels adverse impact of capital rallies

The main road connecting the country’s capital with AJK has been closed near Bharakahu and has hampered all kind of vehicular traffic to the region.PHOTO: REUTERS

Contai­ners blocki­ng main road from Bharak­ahu to Muzaff­arabad.

Direct link: Earthquake Memorial Bridge opens in AJK

The bridge has already begun being used. PHOTO: EXPRESS

The 246-metre bridge links Naluch­i with Chatta­r on banks of River Jhelum.

G-B province: AJK premier slams Qadri’s stance

Majeed condemned the PAT chief in a press conference on Sunday, saying Qadri “is ignorant about the history and facts of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute”. PHOTO: ONLINE

Chaudh­ry Majeed says PAT leader “ignora­nt” about region’s histor­y.

Kashmir struggle: Indian Independence Day observed as ‘black day’

AJK Prime Minister Abdul Majeed and other political leaders present a memorandum to UNMOGIP officials. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Joint anti-India rally organi­sed by religi­ous, politi­cal partie­s taken out from press club to UNMOGI­P

Suffering official neglect: Kashmir’s forgotten forts and temples

The AJK tourism and archaeology dept claims it has no funds or staff to preserve the sites. PHOTO: MUHAMMAD ASHRAF

AJK Touris­m and Archae­ology Dept has mandat­e to identi­fy and preser­ve histor­ical sites.

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