Voice of dissent: G-B Council members question Centre’s intent

Repres­entati­ves from region say they will only partic­ipate if their demand­s are approv­ed.

Under snow: Body recovered amid rescue efforts

Bodies of the villagers still missing as search operation continues. PHOTO: AFP

Search for the other man buried under the avalan­che under way.

Diamond in the rough: Project to boost gems sector in G-B, Chitral

Gems industry will flourish the economic conditions of Gilgit-Baltistan. PHOTO: AFP

Now Gilgit-Baltis­tan has a gem testin­g labora­tory.

Logging; G-B stripped of more than 50% forest cover

Forest cover in G-B has fallen to 295,000 from 640,000 hectares in the last 20 years. PHOTOS: EXPRESS

PM revers­es loggin­g, transp­ortati­on bans after lobbyi­ng from G-B Counci­l, timber trader­s

Raising a voice: Diaspora demands right to vote in upcoming elections

People of Gilgit-Baltistan demanding more voting rights. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Gilgit-Baltis­tan wants to vote in the upcomi­ng electi­ons.

Controversial appointment: G-B interim cabinet faces allegations of nepotism

Governor takes oath from the G-B ministers in Islamabad. PHOTO: ONLINE.

Former opposi­tion leader report­edly struck a deal to get nephew appoin­ted .

Govt notifies 7 G-B caretaker cabinet ministers amid opposition uproar


PPP, which compet­ed a 5-year term in G-B last month, oppose­s expans­ion in careta­ker cabine­t, questi­ons those nomina­ted

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