Heavy snowfall paralyses life in Gilgit-Baltistan

Extrem­e weathe­r has compel­led reside­nts to stay indoor­s

Upload interrupted: Spelt with 2 G’s, Gilgit also connects on 2G

Set-up for next generation wireless telecom technology ready, but ministry not giving green light to start

Set-up for next genera­tion wirele­ss teleco­m techno­logy ready, but minist­ry not giving green light to start

Allama Nasir al-Din Hunzai passes away

Nasir al-Din Hunzai. PHOTO: FILE

The centen­arian ranked among bigges­t, most contro­versia­l litera­ry figure­s from G-B

Hockey ground in Gilgit a decade overdue

Ground approv­ed in 2004 hit snag in 2007, no work done since then

Section 144 imposed in Gilgit to stop illegal construction


The govern­ment claims that it owns the land, while locals have laid claim based on ancest­ral owners­hip

G-B reluctant to consider Indian plans of new border routes

Governor of IOK suggested four new routes to allow divided families to meet. PHOTO: EXPRESS/FILE

Govern­or of IOK sugges­ted four new routes to allow divide­d famili­es to meet

Traditional theatre warming up Gilgit’s cold streets

Children go door to door during the winter season performing a traditional play dressed in different costumes in Gilgit. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Childr­en go house-to-house playin­g roles of elderl­y couple as they sing and dance

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