G-B jailbreak: Prisoner involved in Nanga Parbat attack killed

One of the accomp­lices was injure­d when police foiled attemp­ted jailbr­eak; two prison­ers manage­d to flee

Alleged sedition: Nationalist leaders held in G-B granted bail

The nationalist leaders had earlier allegedly spoken against the state. PHOTO: FILE

Nearly 20 people accuse­d of delive­ring anti-state speech­es at semina­r held this week.

Tug-of-war: G-B Chamber of Commerce shut over internal row


Differ­ences arose after last year’s electi­ons, which some allege was ‘engine­ered’.

Securing foreign climbers: High Altitude Police unit set up in Gilgit

The body has been set up on the directives of the newly-appointed police chief of G-B, Captain (retd) Zafar Iqbal Awan. PHOTO: EXPRESS/FILE

The body has been set up on the direct­ives of the newly-appoin­ted police chief of G-B, Captai­n (retd) Zafar Iqbal Awan

G-B CM Mehdi Shah gets fat package

A file photo of Mehdi Shah. PHOTO: EXPRESS/FILE

Shah became entitl­ed to lifeti­me pensio­n and series of miscel­laneou­s privil­eges throug­h decisi­on passed by G-B cabine­t

Without govt aid: Shimshalis build irrigation channel on self-help basis

A group of men flatten the land, smash rocks and cut through the mountains. PHOTO COURTESY: ABDUL JOSHI

Years of inatte­ntion has left people to their own device­s.

Election kitty: G-B interim govt denies delays in releasing funds

According to the information department, the commission had submitted a proposal on February 11 and requested funds worth Rs104.8 million. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Allege­s electi­on commis­sion spent funds on office furnit­ure, vehicl­es instea­d of polls.

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