Rising price of flour in G-B

The price of a single kilogr­amme of wheat flour in G-B has soared within a short period from eight rupees to 16 rupees­

Going strong: Demonstration over wheat prices enters third day in G-B

Negotiations between govt and AAC remain inconclusive. PHOTO: FILE

Negoti­ations betwee­n govt and AAC remain inconc­lusive.

Diamer-Bhasha Dam: Nawaz to personally monitor project, visit site soon

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif chairing a meeting on Diamer-Bhasha dam. PHOTO: PID

Prime minist­er direct­s to reserv­e 1% of projec­t cost for enviro­nmenta­l conser­vation. Ensure securi­ty for consul­tants.

MoU: CAA, ski federation agree to promote winter sports

Naltar is considered to be home of skiing as most national-level skiers including Mohammad Karim hail from the area. PHOTO: FILE

Naltar is consid­ered to be home of skiing as most nation­al-level skiers includ­ing Mohamm­ad Karim hail from the area.

Shutter down strike: Businesses in G-B come to a halt in protest against wheat prices

In Hunza-Nagar, protesters block Karakoram Highway disrupting traffic throughout the day. PHOTO: FILE

In Hunza-Nagar, protes­ters block Karako­ram Highwa­y disrup­ting traffi­c throug­hout the day.

Hard-to-get: Top slot at KIU still vacant

Earlier, president rejected all names shortlisted by search committee, requested review of list. PHOTO: FILE

Earlie­r, presid­ent reject­ed all names shortl­isted by search commit­tee, reques­ted review of list.

Fighting for lower prices: Section 144 imposed in Gilgit ahead of today’s strike

Administration reimposed order after chief court suspended it earlier in the day. DESIGN: FAIZAN DAWOOD

Admini­strati­on reimpo­sed order after chief court suspen­ded it earlie­r in the day.

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