Conquering K-2: Mountaineers ready to celebrate 60th anniversary of first ascent

Head of Italia­n expedi­tion says he has an inhere­nt love for the mounta­in.

Landmark ascent: 1st Pakistani team scales K2

Pakistani and Italian mountaineers pictured at the K2 base camp. PHOTO: PR

3 Italia­n climbe­rs are also part of expedi­tion markin­g 60th annive­rsary of first ascent of world’s 2nd talles­t peak.

Financial assistance: Legislation sought to provide compensation to victims of terrorism

“There are no laws at the moment. It is at the discretion of the government to decide who to pay and how much to pay,” said Bilal Hussain, a coordinator at Institute of Social and Policy Science (I-SAPS). ILLUSTRATION: JAMAL KHURSHID

Draft of the bill expect­ed to be tabled in the G-B legisl­ative assemb­ly in coming days.

Darel disaster: Three weeks on, flashflood victims forgotten

People affected by the flashfloods of July 5 stand in line to receive relief items. PHOTO COURTESY: TAHIR RANA

Aid worker says famili­es have no food or shelte­r after their lives were swept away on July 5.

Transfer of authorities: More power to G-B expected in next constitutional package

The proposal to declare G-B a tax-free zone is being pondered upon, said the official. PHOTO: FILE

‘New and improv­ed’ versio­n to be announ­ced by PM after electi­on date is set.

Woman jumps in river with children

A file photo of River. PHOTO: REUTERS

Accord­ing to the police, the woman’s relati­ves claim she had been suffer­ing from mental illnes­s.

Panel discussion: Politicians seek interim provincial status for G-B

Demand complete financial autonomy and representation for the region. STOCK PHOTO

Demand comple­te financ­ial autono­my and repres­entati­on for the region.

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