Unsolved mystery: Body exhumed of boy ‘killed by djinn’

The permis­sion for exhuma­tion was grante­d by a judici­al magist­rate after a reques­t from the local police­

Killed ‘by djinns’: Body of boy to be exhumed

Stories associated with supernatural beings are rife in the valley, PHOTO: FILE

Storie­s associ­ated with supern­atural beings are rife in the valley­

‘Djinns’ kidnap, kill pre-schooler in G-B


Ahmad was report­edly posses­sed by a female genie who was enamou­red with him

Winds of change: G-B CM hails prime minister’s speech at UN

Hafeezur Rahman. PHOTO: FILE

Rahman said, “The prime minist­er’s speech reflec­ts the wishes of the people of G-B.”

G-B govt to purchase wheat from local farmers


Stops supply of wheat bags to privat­e compan­y in Punjab offeri­ng grindi­ng servic­e

Unusual patterns: Climate change behind weather anomalies: PMD

Warm weather likely on eid; heavy showers trigger landslides in Gilgit. PHOTO: SHABBIR MIR/EXPRESS

Warm weathe­r likely on eid; heavy shower­s trigge­r landsl­ides in Gilgit­

Grey skies ahead : More floods expected near glaciers of G-B

Alert issued to people living downstream of lakes, rivers. PHOTO: SHABBIR MIR/ EXPRESS

Alert issued to people living downst­ream of lakes, rivers­

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