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Upper house to take action against Imran Khan for 'contemptuous' remarks

NRO clause: Qureshi demands clarification on Shehla Raza's martial law comments

LoC violation: Indian firing kills one Pakistani

'Extra-judicial killing': Karachi court discharges premeditated murder case against Ranger official

Targeted attack: DSP injured in firing near Peshawar

Clerics continue to use unauthorised FM transmissions to spread their message

Specia­l Ramaza­n transm­ission­s aired from severa­l statio­ns in Mattan­i.


Declaring arrests: 13 MQM activists ‘picked up’ by Rangers in two days, claims party

Zeeshan murder case: Premeditated murder charges against Rangers’ man dropped

Lawyer among four shot dead in the city

Irrigation water shortage: Months-long farmers’ protest finally brings CM to Badin


Heritage sites: Rs38.3m approved for renovation of 16 buildings

Law unto himself: Police accuse MPA of patronising criminals

Their rightful place: ‘Women empowerment essential for progress’

Model Town killings: Tribunal summons police officers


Second acid attack in 24-hrs sets off alarm bells

This is the first acid attack in Mastung district. PHOTO: STOCK IMAGES

In both incide­nts, perpet­rators manage­d to flee the scene and police have not found any clues relati­ng to the attack.

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