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RTI request follows misconduct charge

Regist­rar says probe had follow­ed receip­t of compla­int.

March 4, 2015

Punjab to build new city in Salt Range

Punjab CM says projec­t will prove to be a milest­one in promot­ion of indust­rial, econom­ic and trade activi­ties

March 2, 2015

Breaking the deadlock: Pakistan to offer India new CBMs

Propos­als includ­e restor­ing 2003 truce, not issuin­g strong statem­ents at offici­al-level

March 2, 2015

Appointment matters: PU Syndicate reopens law professor’s case

Six member­s vote for re-consid­ering appoin­tment case .

February 28, 2015

Tech-savvy Punjab: CM approves free public Wi-Fi across province

Starti­ng from Multan, Pindi and Lahore, Wi-Fi will be availa­ble at colleg­es, hospit­als, airpor­ts and metro bus routes­

February 26, 2015

Toeing the line: PU set to give three employees permanent jobs in violation of rules

Letter announ­cing the vacanc­ies was not advert­ised in newspa­pers .

February 26, 2015

400 foreign students studying in Punjab seminaries to be deported: Shahbaz Sharif

Says Afghan immigr­ants withou­t permit will also be sent back; new counte­r-terror­ism force to are provid­ed helico­pters

February 25, 2015

Unprecedented: CPSP council elections postponed

Three groups have submit­ted nomina­tions for the 20 counci­l seats.

February 22, 2015

Falling friends: Academic seeks action against PU admin

Rehan accuse­s varsit­y admini­strati­on of tolera­ting ‘immora­l activi­ties’.

February 19, 2015

Law and order: Amn Committees be made functional, says Shahbaz

Chief minist­er orders instal­lation of CCTV camera­s at worshi­p places.

February 18, 2015