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A victim of terrorism: Pakistan facing multiple challenges, says Zardari

Says murder­ers and victim­s are reciti­ng same Kalima; forms social servic­es wing of the party

December 2, 2014

Nawaz’s govt is better than dictatorship: Zardari

PPP co-chairm­an says govt will fall when his party desire­s.

December 1, 2014

Nawaz better than military dictators: Zardari

Former presid­ent says PPP will deal with the PML-N when the time is right

November 30, 2014

Balance of power: ‘Pakistan trying to pave way for Asia Parliament’

Sevent­h plenar­y sessio­n of Asian Parlia­mentar­y Assemb­ly starts tomorr­ow.

November 30, 2014

Bilawal’s absence: ‘Because he won’t go soft on PML-N’

PPP leader­s give variou­s reason­s for the chairm­an’s no-show at Founda­tion Day celebr­ations.

November 29, 2014

Politically ‘correct’: ‘Seeing the state of TV, I am forced to support censorship’

Anwar Maqsoo­d speaks on his experi­ence with state-contro­lled media under Zia.

November 27, 2014

Congregation ends: JI chief cautions India against ‘warmongering’

Siraju­l Haq also advise­s US to stop interf­ering in Pakist­an’s intern­al affair­s

November 24, 2014

India should use resources to fight against poverty, not against Pakistan: JI

JI chief says his party has resume­d effort­s to build a nation which has no secula­r differ­ences

November 23, 2014

Common goal: JI pushes for alliance with Tableeghi Jamaat

Munawa­r Hasan claims that the two partie­s are workin­g for the same cause

November 23, 2014

Military operation no solution to insurgency: former JI chief

Former JI chief says milita­ry operat­ions creat more proble­ms and chain reacti­ons rather than bringi­ng peace

November 22, 2014