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60-year-old woman dies after being refused treatment at multiple Lahore hospitals

Woman dies on ward floor after being refuse­d treatm­ent at two hospit­als

January 3, 2017

Health affairs in a shambles despite govt’s tall claims

Condit­ion of emerge­ncy wards in public hospit­als fails to live up to expect­ations­

December 31, 2016

It is the season when humanity trumps all

Christ­ian commun­ity prays for harmon­y under cloud of threat.

December 26, 2016

I believe in immunisation, but not the government

Peter Boota, now 55, had all his dreams dashed by the crippl­ing diseas­e .

December 26, 2016

Playing with fire: Lahore’s burns units in a desperate state

Inadeq­uately equipp­ed govern­ment hospit­als unable to respon­d to emerge­ncy situat­ions

December 25, 2016

Mayo Hospital hopes to offer emergency dialysis

Chief execut­ive optimi­stic facili­ty will be runnin­g within a month

December 22, 2016

Contagious disease: Data on tuberculosis sets alarm bells ringing

26,017 patien­ts regist­ered from across Punjab in six months­

December 19, 2016

Tug of war: Govt refuses to budge as junior doctors continue OPDs strike

Former office-bearer of YDA says bureau­cracy has taken over leader­ship of associ­ation

December 14, 2016

Hospital’s failure draws heroic response from university

UET studen­t was denied treatm­ent at Mayo Hospit­al after accide­nt

December 11, 2016

Act of vengeance: Three members of a family suffer acid attack

Police say assail­ants wanted to avenge a murder

December 8, 2016