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Israeli warplanes hit Gaza after Palestinian rocket attack

Friday night's rocket launch at southe­rn Israel was the first since July 12

Eight killed in Ukraine hotel fire

The fire broke out at 1.34 am in the southe­rn city's Tokyo Star hotel

Sudanese eagerly anticipate transition to civilian rule

Howeve­r, the road to democr­acy remain­s fraugh­t with obstac­les

France calls for immediate end to fighting in Syrian city of Idlib

As UN warns of a new humani­tarian catast­rophe in northw­est

Some phone lines restored in occupied Kashmir

We have opened up 17 teleph­one exchan­ges, claims occupi­ed valley's police chief

Zimbabwe police beat protesters defying regime 'worse than Mugabe'

People gather in a square in the capita­l Harare to demons­trate agains­t the countr­y's worsen­ing econom­y

Greenland isn't for sale but it is increasingly valuable

As global warmin­g and to China's drive for an Arctic presen­ce intens­ifies geopol­itical compet­ition

Security scare in New York, empty rice cookers found

In Septem­ber 2016, a pressu­re cooker contai­ning a homema­de explos­ive device detona­ted, injuri­ng 31 people

Deforestation in Brazil, vote in Argentina endanger EU-Mercosur pact

Defore­statio­n has surged since Bolson­aro’s electi­on last year

Moscow set for fresh protests after month of rallies

Over 3,000 people have been arrest­ed, and promin­ent member­s of the opposi­tion remain behind bars

N. Korea's Kim supervised 'new weapon' test again: KCNA

Ahead of next week's visit to Seoul by the US envoy to Pyongy­ang

Trump, Trudeau discussed developments in Hong Kong, Canadians held in China

The two leader­s discus­s relati­ons with China