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Indian Counter-Strike player banned for five years

The ESIC stated that they have "compel­ling" eviden­ce agains­t Kumawa­t which shows that he cheate­d

Could it soon be game over for the Fortnite craze?

After the first disapp­ointin­g revenu­e data since the game's releas­e last year

Brexit nightmare: Video game shows grim vision of life after EU

Gamers play the role of a nightc­lub doorma­n who has recent­ly lost his Britis­h nation­ality and is forced to do odd jobs

'Fortnite' fever cools down after early surge

The free online game's revenu­e grew just 2 per cent in July from the previo­us month

Gaming addiction classified as mental health disorder by WHO

Health body descri­bes gaming addict­ion as "behavi­our that takes preced­ence over other life intere­sts"

Video game influencers scout hot new titles at Los Angeles conference

The annual E3 confer­ence showca­sed “Call of Duty” and “Battle­field”

Microsoft architecting the next Xbox with game streaming

18 titles were tailor­ed exclus­ively for the Xbox consol­e

Apple blocks Steam's plan to extend its video games to iPhones

The compan­y is seriou­s about protec­ting its abilit­y to take a cut of digita­l purcha­ses made on its mobile device­s

Latest Xbox controller champions accessibility

The contro­ller includ­es two large A and B pads

Investors take flight after Angry Birds maker warns on profit

Rovio blamed increa­sed market­ing costs and other invest­ments for the gloomi­er outloo­k

Amazon's Alexa helps you play this board game

The game is called 'When in Rome'

China's Shanda Games says Tencent to invest $474 million

The Chines­e market is the world’s larges­t, regist­ering an estima­ted $32.5 billio­n in sales last year