Ghandhara Nissan gears up for comeback

Published: November 27, 2015
Ghandhara’s assembly line had been contracted out to Sigma Motors, which utilised it to assemble Land Rover’s Defender, but the term would end soon. PHOTO: AFP

Ghandhara’s assembly line had been contracted out to Sigma Motors, which utilised it to assemble Land Rover’s Defender, but the term would end soon. PHOTO: AFP


Ghandhara Nissan, which used to assemble Nissan Sunny in Pakistan, is aggressively moving forward to enter the market with a sports utility vehicle (SUV) reportedly in the 1,600cc engine category.

Although company officials acknowledge they are working on a re-launch, they were less than forthcoming with details over the model under consideration. They added that the assembly will begin in late 2016 after the network of parts’ suppliers and dealerships has been established.

Ghandhara Nissan’s earnings surge 159%

The urgency does not, however, stem from a need to tap the market dominated by three players and a flood of imports. Ghandhara Nissan Limited (GHNL) is especially hurried into utilising the existing car assembly line at its Port Qasim factory after its contract to make Land Rover’s Defender ends in about a month.

Ghandhara, controlled by the Kuli Khan Khattak family that also owns General Tyres, produced 2,573 Nissan Sunny cars between 1996 and 2004. However, by and large, it remained a marginal player despite initial ripples its entry created in the market.

It soon ran into financial troubles because of its high exposure to leasing companies, which were costly lenders compared to commercial banks and demanded rentals on a monthly basis.’

The rise and fall of Dewans

GHNL’s ride thereon remained bumpy and the company continued to book losses for years.

“We are in talks with Nissan and looking at various opportunities,” said Saleem Baig, the company’s chief financial officer. “But let me stress here that nothing has been firmed up as yet.”

He said the plan to start assembling would take at least a year to materialise.

However, its share price has been quick to jump. From opening at Rs52.46 on January 1, 2015, the share closed at Rs190.23 on November 26, an increase of 263% in less than a year. The corresponding increase in the benchmark-100 index has amounted to just 2.95%.

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Chief Executive Officer Ahmad Kuli Khan, along with other senior management, has been busy in meeting Nissan and Renault executives in recent months.

French company Renault and Japanese Nissan have been global partners since 1999, often entering new markets together.

Industry officials who spoke to The Express Tribune say Ghandhara might also consider coming out with Datsun Go, which has been introduced in India.

Dewan Farooque Motors Limited (DFML), a troubled car assembler, which used to make Hyundai and KIA cars in Pakistan, has also been in talks with Renault for over a year, industry people say.

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“Ghandhara is actually trying to outdo Dewan, which was in pretty advance stages of negotiations with Renault,” said an official. “But Dewan has been bogged down by its debt problems and uncooperative behavior of bankers.”

Numbers game

Ghandara’s assembly has capacity to produce 6,000 vehicles but since discontinuing the assembly of Nissan Sunny, it has relied on other variants to meet the fixed cost.

The assembly line had been contracted out to Sigma Motors, a venture of Hascol Petroleum Chairman Mumtaz Hasan Khan. Sigma Motors was using it to assemble Land Rover’s Defender.

“Our contract has ended,” said Khan. “We were making Defenders for the Pakistan Army and a few vehicles for other customers. Now the last batch is coming off the line in about a month’s time.”

He did not share many reasons for ending the local assembly of Defender, but praised Ghandhara’s management. “They are very nice people to work with.”

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In recent years, Ghandhara has mostly relied on a subsidiary, which makes Dongfeng trucks, to shore up its revenues.

While opinions differ on the reasons for Nissan’s failure to penetrate the Pakistani market, many people point at Ghandhara’s lackluster approach to creating a proper dealership.

“No carmaker is going to survive without a dealership that doesn’t offer proper after sales service. Nissan won’t do well if customers don’t find its parts,” said an official of

Asked to comment on Ghandhara’s apparent failure on dealership front, its CFO Baig said: “No point in discussing the past. What is done is done. We will come with complete planning.”

Published in The Express Tribune, November 27th,  2015.

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  • Dan
    Nov 27, 2015 - 10:29AM

    Dude why use picture of a Range Rover?Recommend

  • sohoman
    Nov 27, 2015 - 11:18AM

    yaar its defender and the article says Ghandhara assembly line is being used to assemble defenders for sigma motorsRecommend

  • Timorlane
    Nov 27, 2015 - 11:22AM

    With traditional pedantic marketing they will drive to nowhere but

    another failure no matter how much money they put into


  • Fahim
    Nov 27, 2015 - 12:11PM

    If sports vehicle is under 2 million, I would certainly consider depending upon technologyRecommend

  • Atif
    Nov 27, 2015 - 12:21PM

    Good news There is a dire need to break the monopoly of existing three players in the automotive market. Especially Paksuzuki’s has monopoly in small car market and is selling 1980s era globally retired vehicles like Mehran, Bolan, Ravi, and Cutlus, even their swift is globally retired since 2010.

    For benefit of consumers govt must ensure more assemblers start their operations and no single player should dominate any car segment. Recommend

  • Shakil Ahmed Khan
    Nov 27, 2015 - 1:28PM

    Ghandara should now introduce its own brand, it has to start somewhere instead of relying and paying hefty franchise pricesRecommend

  • Stranger
    Nov 27, 2015 - 2:39PM

    What a nice name . Recommend

  • Ibrahim
    Nov 27, 2015 - 6:52PM

    Defender is being taken out of Land Rover range. SO that’s the reason why they don’t have contract extendedRecommend

  • RS
    Nov 28, 2015 - 4:12AM

    @Ibrahim: What is the source of your information?Recommend

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