Laaleen’s Oscar predictions

Official nominations for this year’s Academy Awards will be announced on January 25.

Laaleen Khan January 05, 2011

Every year, no matter where I am on this planet, I start living the Oscars from my sofa set to my television screen — my live viewing of the Oscars starts early evening or very early morning (depending on the time zone) with the red-carpet pre-show till the very last after-party has been reported and the cameras switch off. Later, bleary-eyed and tired, I check online coverage to see if there’s anything I’ve missed (there isn’t) and whether I share the Oscar fashion trends reported by the glossies (I do, but not all of their hits and misses). I’m like every Pakistani that sits glued to a Pakistan and India cricket match or a football buff waiting for the Fifa World Cup to unfold.

The official nominations for this year’s Academy Awards will be announced on the 25th of January, but the diehards among us can’t wait that long and have already seen several films that have shouted ‘Oscar’ in their entire script, direction and acting. We may not always agree with whomever the Academy votes for, but it’s always fun to see who each year’s surprise winner is (it’s usually one of the actors nominated from an indie film). From a betting point of view, it gets much easier to predict Oscar winners after the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards that have already taken place, but where’s the fun in that?

Since the Academy increased the number of nominations for each category from 5 to 10, the writing and technical categories have been reduced for clarity, however, some movies have been a common link to all the divisions at the event and they include Black Swan, Blue Valentine, The Social Network, The King’s Speech, Inception and The Kid’s Are All Right.

Here are my valiant predictions for this year’s winners:

Best Picture

Black Swan


It has a winning combination of strong writing, inspired direction, powerful performances and an artistic merit.

Best Actor, Male

Colin Firth for The King’s Speech


He’s more than just the BBC Mr. Darcy and is finally getting the acclaim he deserves.

Best Actor, Female

Natalie Portman for Black Swan


Natalie is long overdue for an Oscar, the star has truly matured in this film.

Best Director

Darren Aronofsky for Black Swan


Rachel Weisz’ ex carries viewers from the pinnacle of flight to the depths of delusion.

Best Animated Feature

Despicable Me


Sardonic and original.

Best Screenplay (Original/Adapted)

The Social Network


It was inspired, understated, and absorbing.

Best Original Score

Country Strong


America loves country music y’all.

The producers and writers Guild make their predictions

Film producers and writers on Tuesday jumped into Hollywood’s Oscar race with their choices of 2010’s best movies that include The Social Network, The Fighter and Black Swan, among others. The Producers Guild of America and the Writers Guild of America, which represent their respective groups in the film and television industries, annually issue lists of best movies, and their picks are closely watched in the race for the Oscars.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 6th, 2011.


Joshua Ross-Waldman | 10 years ago | Reply I think you're dead wrong. That's the fun with kind of thing now isn't it. Best Picture "The Social Network". I just think it happens to be the most relevant of the films good enough to snare the top honor and it has the best aggregate reviews when all is said and done. So add topicality, box office results and the acclaim it got, and frankly it is the one to beat. Best Director, David Fincher. I think he'll be rewarded this year for making consistently great films and the incredible quality of this film is a credit to his skills and his career thus far. Aronofsky is gonna have to stick around a little longer and learn to stop ending his films with Swan Dives! When I saw the end all I could think about was how much better it worked in the Wrestler. So while The Black Swan was a great film, it wasn't as perfect as The Social Network and hinged on a brilliant singular performance, which brings me to.... Best Actress, Natalie Portman. A brilliant career with very few (if any) missteps. But Black Swan hinges on her performance throughout ever second and its a credit to how brilliant she is in it that the film is a success. More so for her performance than any other single factor! She may be relatively young, but she's delivered the goods for years and Oscar's tend to go to careers and/or singular brilliance! She has both going for her with this performance. Best Actor, Colin Firth. No exactly the same as the above reason's for Natalie Portman, but rather close. Technical Awards, Inception. The academy always prefers awarding big budget successes with these awards when they're great films. And if this year had been 2 or 3 films weaker, Inception would be taking awards left and right in the artistic categories. Actually, Nolan is the dark horse runner for director in the upset (yet still fair) category. I think if it's allowed to be nominated for best original score, Hans Zimmer will win. But that all depends if the academy allows it seeing as he sampled an Edith Pilaf song in it. Screenplay Original, Inception. You've got to reward it somewhere for artistry and this is the category where the academy likes to throw out bones to those who didn't win elsewhere. AKA, Tarrantino, Damon & Affleck for starters all had high quality films that lost in the other categories, but brought home Oscar in this one. Screenplay Adapted, The Social Network. I'm really not sure in this category, so I'm just going with what I think deserves it. Best Animated Feature, Toy Story 3. 99% positive reviews on The Social Network has only 97%. Despicable Me.....81%. This is the year the jokes will begin that Best animated should be renamed the Pixar Category! Best Supporting Actress, Helena Bonham Carter. She's long overdue!!!!!! So is Juliane Moore for that matter. Best Supporting Actor, Christian Bale. He's been pouring out incredible performances year after year. This one is especially good. He's earned it!
stephen | 10 years ago | Reply wow.. these are way off. if you are saying these are what you want to win, thats fine.. but to say that these are what you think will win. thats a different story. there's no way in hell that winter's bone is going to win.. best pic: social network actor: colin firth actress: natalie portman supporting: christian bale supporting: hailee steinfeld director: david fincher original screenplay: inception adapted screenplay: social network animated feature: toy story 3 (to think despicable me has any chance against toy story is just ridiculous.) im not saying i want these to win.. but im saying that these will win
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