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With good food that makes up for its mediocre presentation, China Kitchen is worth a visit

Nashmia Butt September 01, 2015
The chicken lettuce wrap is easily one of the favourites when it comes to starters. PHOTO: PUBLICITY


China Kitchen is located in one of the most beautiful and now, populous streets of Clifton. The greenery around the restaurant is well-maintained, which creates a pleasant aura around the space. There’s a seating arrangement outside, which is ideal for winter. Different from the typical Chinese restaurants, they have played less with the colour red, so that it doesn’t seem too ostentatious. The décor has been done in a tasteful, sophisticated manner.

Quality: 4/5

Considering there aren’t many high-end Chinese restaurants in the city, China Kitchen is one of the more favourable options for a grand night out. The most popular dish at the restaurant that attracts customers is their duck. Since it isn’t offered all the time, it’s best to call them beforehand and check for its availability. It’s served in a brown wooden tray with thin pita, which you end up using to roll the duck in and making a wrap out of. The chicken lettuce wrap is delicious and easily one of the favourites when it comes to starters.

Presentation: 3/5

Not much emphasis is given to the presentation of the entrées served. There’s no visual extravagance to the plating style, just food served on a simple platter. This technique of serving works pretty well for them because, after all, it’s the quality and taste of the food that matters the most. But the presentation would be disappointing for the meticulous.

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Service: 4/5

The servers are laudably attentive. They’re committed to the guests and appear to be welcoming. They make extra effort to remember your favourites so that the next time you visit, they know exactly what you enjoyed the last time around. Luckily, you don’t need to sit and wait for them in case you need assistance. They’re always around to make sure your order is served in a timely fashion.

Atmosphere: 3/5

The ambiance is warm and hospitable, but they could’ve taken the décor up a notch. There’s a sitting area outdoors, a few tables downstairs and a few upstairs. Perhaps there should’ve been lesser tables upstairs because currently, the space a stuffy vibe. When you walk up the stairs, there’s not much space to walk around as they’ve tried to fit more tables than the space allows them to. When all the tables are occupied, it gets a little claustrophobic.

Verdict: Recommended to Chinese gourmet lovers, who could use a bit of tranquility. One must visit with family and friends for a simple authentic Chinese meal. This is definitely a place that will satisfy your Asian food cravings, making you come back for another visit. If you’re looking for an upscale, gaudy kind of feel, this is not your place..

Published in The Express Tribune, September 2nd,  2015.

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