94-yr-old Dadi Janki comes home after 60yrs

Express April 27, 2010

KARACHI: In a simple, white sari and a modest but strong countenance, 94-year-old Dadi Janki, the spiritual guide of the Hindu caste Brahma Kumari, came back home after 60 years.

In her first visit to Karachi from Hyderabad Deccan, she spoke to a hall of almost 500 Muslims and Hindus, uniting them all under one roof. Dadi Janki, who was born in Hyderabad Deccan in 1916, is now internationally acknowledged as a spiritual leader of the Brahma Kumaris. Dadi (meaning elder sister in Hindi) Janki has dedicated more than 70 years of her life to the work of the Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya (Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University).

She has travelled the world, advising politicians, leardes, businessmen and doctors on spiritual matters. At the event arranged by the Pakistan Hindu Council on Tuesday, Dadi Janki refused to accept any assistance walking when she interacted with her followers and admirers. “Karachi is now like western cities with numerous cars and development but I can still feel inner happiness and peace even in this buzzing city,” she said. She stressed the importance of silence and introspection, saying that we should not spend our precious time by just talking. “Why talk when we can convey far more with silence, sight and simplicity,” she advocated.

She said that worry, anxiety and fear not only cause harm by accumulating pessimism but also waste time as they change nothing. “If we have courage, faith and honesty, God will see our strength and almost all that we aim to achieve will be achieved,” she said. Dadi Janki, who has 70 years of spiritual work and excellence to her credit, denounced all worldly and material things, saying that it is more important to possess courage, honesty and patience. “If [Iceland’s] volcanic ash can spread [throughout the world], then why can’t the message of love and contentment,” she smiled. As all the people in the hall closed their eyes for two minutes to see themselves for who they are, one could feel the energy of inner awareness and satisfaction fill the room.


Alive concious awareness | 13 years ago | Reply Thank you so much for all your constant continuous consistent Pure Positive Elevated Visions, Thoughts, Words & Actions. I will never ever forget what Dadi Janki's existence taught me and how positively my existence was changed for better and more. Love you for always.
Angel Light | 13 years ago | Reply When there is LOVE there must be COOPERATION in NATURE. So the WORLD can unite together under one GOD.... No Need to compete in highly Elevated Consciousness of Being PEACE, LOVE, amd HAPPINESS Thanks to Dadi Janki to spread the Light of PEACE LOVE
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