I don't have faith in Pakistan: Saif Ali Khan

Actor believes that sensitive issues in films shouldn't be the reason they get banned on both sides of the border

Entertainment Desk August 24, 2015
Actor believes that sensitive issues in films shouldn't be the reason they get banned on both sides of the border. PHOTO: MASALA

Saif Ali Khan is not too pleased with his neighbouring country. Having faced a ban in Pakistan on his previous film Agent Vinod, Saif's Phantom bore the same fate after our Censor board's final verdict declared his movie inappropriate to be screened in Pakistan.

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In an interview with DNA, the Bollywood actor seemed visibly upset following the ban on his film, however, he was not surprised that it suffered this fate.

"I don't have faith in Pakistan, generally. Neither do I understand what their thought processes are. I have no problems against Pakistan and I won't make a film that's against the country. But now they have banned the film. We have always shared a very complicated relationship. If you tell uncomfortable truths, films gets banned. We keep banning each other's films," he expressed.

Speaking about how the ban would affect the film, he admitted that it meant Phantom would rake in lesser profits because of the high Bollywood demand here.
"We might have made a little bit more money. I remember Race made some money, so there is a market there. The irony is that everybody is going to watch it anyway on pirated DVDs. That's what happens a lot in Pakistan," said Saif.

He feels issues should not be taken up in a sensitive manner otherwise it will restrict screening Bollywood films in Pakistan.
"If you try making a film which portrays a certain element of truth, something that makes Pakistan a little bit uncomfortable, they will ban it. They did that with many of my films, so I have faced it already. But that doesn't necessarily dictate what kind of movies we should make. If that did, we would end up making only films like Race," stressed the actor.

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Regarding extremists, the actor believes that while there may be a few in India and Pakistan, majority of the population is peaceful:
"I am sure, there must be areas. I think the world has sections of people who are extremists. There must be people who say Pakistan is the villain or someone who says some other religion is bad. But I think the majority of the population is peace-loving, be it in India or Pakistan. The enormous success of Bajrangi Bhaijaan shows that most people would like a Utopian situation," he said.

While his film might not gather the same profits if it would have been screened in Pakistan, the actor is still positive about his film.

When asked if the delay in Phantom's release could generate negative publicity the actor said: "That could happen, but I don't think that has happened with Phantom. I think the release date is perfect. We have the Rakhi weekend. And it's releasing after Bajrangi Bhaijaan. All these are positives for the film. Generally, a delay is definitely not a good idea," said Saif.


From Pakistan | 8 years ago | Reply since I heard that you don't have faith in Pakistan, I made up my mind to no to to spend my dollars on your movies, because I don't have faith in your skills and mentality as all the hard actions are done by duplicates.
Aleem | 8 years ago | Reply Saif Ali Khan thanks a lot mate your comments they are more than welcome but explain some good reasons why... Well let me say one think India makes Billions reaching Trillions on Movies and Industry, but the foremost and up most best investment of the Decade Was billion up to a Trillion on their Space exploration Program to Mars, Hip Hip Hooray they finally found Life....on a bone dry Planet....while some poor Indians in certain states can't feed their families...Did they manage to redirect their billions worth of space exploration satellites for something more important that will benefit the country or are they gonna just watch while China, gets more developed and more power by dominating the global industrial market with their LORG business enterprise establishments.
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