If Pakistan, India parted in 2015...

From Facebook statuses to Snapchats, we imagine what it would be like if Independence Day was recorded on the Internet

KARACHI: As Pakistan marks its  69th Independence Day, we imagine what it would be like if some of today’s political leaders were present back then and if the Internet and social media were used as they are today.

People would immediately take to Facebook to update their status 

 Cricket would never have been the same


Meme wars would start



Let's not forget, selfies...

And live Snapchat stories to record everything

Imran Khan would call for a dharna and MQM would resign


While vines would be made of Quaid-e-Azam’s speech

… And people will don Pakistan outfits




umair | 8 years ago | Reply Its actually 68 th independence day....**
qamar ali syed | 8 years ago | Reply shameful post! people of new age at least spare the one who made you a free nation
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