Freeing Pakistan from ‘fake’ politicians

I believe the main issue lies in the fact that we are ignorant and simply unwilling to take a step forward

Komal Anwar July 22, 2015

As the list of fake degree holders continues to lengthen, the powerful continue to get away with it, using their connections. Regardless of whether Reham Khan’s degree is fake or not, the point remains that being the wife of Imran Khan, all fingers will be directed towards the media for scandalising her. If she does possess a real degree, then the onus lies on her to prove the allegations wrong. One may ask why the media is targeting her specifically. The point is that in a country where so many brilliant students are jobless, no one should be allowed to thrive on a fake degree.

I believe the main issue lies in the fact that we are ignorant and simply unwilling to take a step forward against corrupt politicians. So many honest people trying to run their businesses are threatened by powerful politicians in one way or the other. Change can only come with unity and education. Our country is blessed with talented and patriotic individuals who can make a big difference by practising patience and perseverance. The activism that one saw in the Shahzeb Khan case is an example of this. Young people and bold lawyers like Faisal Siddiqui went on a limb to get justice for his family.

The country which Quaid-e-Azam had once envisioned has become a breeding ground for corruption. The law of the jungle prevails here. The powerful are free to do whatever they like without facing any consequences. Just because a person is a government official or comes from a high-profile background gives them the licence to get away with many acts that may be punishable for the rest of society.

It is very easy to give examples of the Western world and how well it has developed itself and has been able to provide comfort to its people. What we need to realise is that the people there have cooperated with the government by paying taxes and abiding by laws and regulations. On the other hand, in Pakistan, despite there being laws, no one is following them and instead of meritocracy and democracy, we are witnessing the power of the aristocracy and bureaucracy, often to the detriment of the democratic process.

It is time that we take the issue of corruption seriously and stop any kind of support for those politicians who are blackmailers and frauds. We need to be wise enough not to choose the wrong candidates for positions of responsibility so that the vicious cycle does not keep repeating itself.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 22nd, 2015.