Amjad Sabri to visit India to resolve Bhar Do Jholi controversy

Singer says Bhar Do Jholi belongs to Sabri Brohers and the film's producers used the product without his consent

Entertainment Desk July 21, 2015
Singer says Bhar Do Jholi belongs to Sabri Brohers and the film's producers used the product without his consent. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

As EMI Pakistan served a legal notice to various stakeholders for copyrights infringement in Adnan Sami’s rendition of Bhar Do Jholi in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Amjad Sabri  has applied for Indian visa to pursue legal proceedings against the film’s producers.

“I have sent them a legal notice, and have requested for Indian visa,” he said while speaking to Express News on Tuesday. “I will travel to Mumbai as soon as I get the permit, and will follow the case proceedings in India.”

Amjad Sabri said he has filed a petition in Indian court against Salman Khan and the film’s music director Pritam Chakarborty.

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“He has named himself as the music composer, without any special acknowledgement or thanks to my father,” he said.

“They have asked me to prove if the qawwali is a property of Sabri Brothers,” he added. “Even a child can tell them Bhar Do Jholi belongs to my father, Ghulam Farid Sabri.”

When asked if he wanted any damages to be paid by the film’s producers, Amjad Sabri said he only expected ‘compensation’.

He asked the nation to pray for him, and protest for him such that Indians provide justice at the earliest.

The version used in the film has been reworked by composer Pritam Chakarborty and the film has been produced by Salman Khan Films and Kabir Khan Films.

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Earlier EMI Pakistan tiold The Express Tribune that Bhar do Jholi was an EMI product which was not only released by EMI Pakistan but also recorded and produced under their banner.

"None of the authorities involved in the making of Bajrangi Bhaijan approached us to acquire the rights to the qawwali and as a result, we have sent them legal notices,” Zeeshan Chaudary, the general manager of EMI Pakistan, had told The Express Tribune.

As per details shared by the record label, the “original” qawwali was written by Purnam Allahbadi, composed by Maqbool Sabri and performed by Sabri Brothers for the purpose of recording a soundtrack in 1975.

Here's the song which is currently facing controversy:


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